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The federal government announced its crackdown measures on Monday. Fake couples who plan "fake marriages" to defraud Australian visas and then break up to defraud single welfare payments will have their welfare payments cancelled.

In Australia, there may be tens of thousands of people sponsoring spouse visas for immigration purposes, and then breaking up to defraud singleton benefits.

"Daily Telegraph" learned that last year, this kind of welfare fraud caused taxpayers to lose 1 million yuan.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton and Human Services Minister Marise Payne announced a new data matching system on Monday that will find those who claim to be married or living together but submit different information to different government agencies Couple.

Legal couples with happy marriages relying on "fake divorces" to defraud singles of welfare payments will also become targets.

Australians’ welfare bills are expected to swell by nearly 400 billion yuan during the budget forward period, from 1500 billion yuan to nearly 1900 billion yuan.

Dutton confirmed that "fake marriage" cases are increasing.

"Last year, our ministry discovered that the number of accusations related to facilitating fake marriages has increased." He said, "This data matching process is one of the government's overall measures to detect and prevent fraud. Those who deliberately use the Australian welfare and immigration system will Will be caught."

Those who are found to have deceived the government may be deprived of their visas, forced to pay back their money, and even face criminal charges.

Dutton said that the act of obtaining visas through fake marriages not only defrauded taxpayers of funds, but also prevented real immigrants from obtaining Australian visas.

Senator Payne said that some legal couples have found that false divorces are more financially beneficial, but they are still together.

"Those who apply for Centrelink benefits and deliberately fail to declare their true marital status to the Human Services Department have violated the law." She said.

Last Sunday, the federal government confirmed that they will hire a senior Australian Federal Police (AFP) officer to lead a welfare work group to combat identity fraud.

Last year, the government cracked down on disability annuity fraud worth 160 billion yuan, requiring new applicants to see a doctor appointed by the federal government to determine whether they are eligible for benefits.

Prime Minister Albert said that the government is committed to combating welfare fraud.

The payment of welfare payments alone has exhausted 8% of Australian taxpayers' taxes. The spouse visa data matching project will start next month and will initially last for one year.

Article reprinted from Australian News Network


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