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According to reports, the Australian government intends to implement more stringent citizenship tests and launch a "national discussion" on issues such as citizenship privileges. Albert hopes that the public will give their opinions.

The federal government is making every effort to combat extremism and maintain Australia's own social cohesion. To this end, Albert hopes to tighten the citizenship test and add more questions about loyalty to the country, Australia's own unified core values, legal knowledge and English standards in the test. To put it simply, the government hopes that by adding more questions to the naturalization test, new citizens will be aware of the change in their status, aware of their rights and obligations after becoming Australians, and accept Australia's core values.

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In addition, Australia.com reported that the citizenship undertaking is also likely to face renewal. The identities of Australian-born citizens and citizens of Australian descent will be clearly shown in relevant documents. All those who obtain Australian citizenship will also be bound by the responsibilities and powers of citizenship.

Finally, Albert also encourages everyone to write an affirmation about what Australian citizens mean, their rights, responsibilities, and new naturalization.

News compiled from "Australia Net"


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