Burst into laughter! Miss Dongguan's career change will let you know what Internet thinking is! ‏

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Miss Dongguan left the night scene and applied for a trading company. It took a month to run 20 married male colleagues and then resigned. A few days later, the young lady sent the same text message to 20 men. She was pregnant and needed 5000 people. One-time payment, no more trouble. Three days later, I received 10 yuan. what is this?Cross-industry + user scale + service personalization, innovation in the model of free first and then paid.


Each of the 20 men came out at 250, and they made up enough 5000 to give him a abortion. This is calledCrowdfunding.


Each of the 20 men paid 250, and they made up enough 5000 to buy nutrition, and the children they gave birth sold 10, which was 19 times the income.Venture capital.


The child is fictitious and not pregnant at all. This is calledProspectus.

The young lady didn’t apply for the job, she was just going, this isstartup-plan.

Sponsor the lady for 200 yuan to implement this plan and agree on a revenue share. This is calledVCs.

The lady goes to work in a trading company and the boss does not pay her salary, and allows her to make all kinds of money from her male colleagues. This is calledWool comes out of pigs and bears pay-Internet thinking!

The boss of the trading company pays for the young lady to participate in the audition, enters the showbiz, spends money to make movies and TV series, and assumes the role of economic man. This is calledAsset reorganization + risk transfer + PE;

The young lady made a certain movie that became popular overnight, and the box office was bursting, and the boss’s return on investment doubled dozens of times. This is calledSuccessfully listed.



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