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According to a recent news report, a man entered the room and sexually assaulted a woman and left smoothly after an hour.In fact, the probability of Australian women being sexually assaulted is twice the world average.Despite achieving greater gender equality, Australian women’s rate of sexual assault ranks third in the world, second only to the war-torn Congo and southern African countries (Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe).

The latest research shows that 6 in 1 Australian women has been sexually assaulted by a non-partner, while the global average is 14 in 1 women.If the sexual assaults committed by a partner are included, the proportion in Australia is one in five, or 230 million people.

According to the NSW Rape Crisis Centre, Australian women over 15 years of age are rape victims.A major review of non-partner sexual assault published by the magazine "The Lancet" found that "rape by strangers is more violent and the risk of using weapons is higher."

The survey found that 16.4% of women in Australia reported being raped by a non-partner.One of the reasons for the high rape rate in Australia is that Australian women are more willing or easier to report rape than women in other countries to protect their rights.Karen Willis, executive officer of the NSW Rape Crisis Centre, said that 29% of the perpetrators of sexual assaults are family members, friends, colleagues or classmates. 1% of rape cases are committed by women socially acquainted with or occur while dating.Only XNUMX% of the case implementers are strangers.

Therefore, this is also the most important aspect of female students studying in Australia.In the first report, it is important to meet new friends, but you must pay attention to your personal safety.Today, the editor summarized the ten tactics to prevent sexual assault for all female students.

Ten tactics to prevent sexual assault

1. Don't go to unfamiliar places alone. It's best to keep in touch with family and friends and let them know their whereabouts.
2. Avoid being alone with people you met for the first time, or drinking unknown drinks or drugs provided by the other party.
3. Avoid walking alone at night.If you are alone, don't take a secluded path and choose a bright and spacious path.If you leave the school library at night, the University of Melbourne will be accompanied to the station by special security personnel.
4. When traveling by car at night, try to choose a location close to the driver or security compartment.
5. When traveling at night, avoid wearing overly revealing clothing and walking on the road, don't wear earphones and play with mobile phones, because this will reduce your ability to observe the surrounding environment.

6. Try to avoid riding the elevator alone with a stranger, trust your instincts, and avoid someone who is unruly.
7. If a stranger strikes up a conversation with you, immediately refuse, leave immediately, or seek help from the nearest place.
8. Lock doors and windows when alone at home, and refuse to let strangers in
9. Express unwillingness with a clear "no".
10. Learn effective self-defense techniques and make good use of personal items (such as keys, umbrellas or leather shoes) as counter weapons.

The most important thing!

Stay alert whenever and wherever you are, and try to leave or seek help immediately if you feel unsafe.In addition, if you encounter an assault, you must report it regardless of whether the criminal is successful or not.If there is an emergency, you can dial 000.

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