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Starting this year, Chinese students went to study in AustraliaThe lowest grade is downgraded to the seventh grade of middle school, Which means that Chinese students have the opportunity to go to Australia to acceptJunior high school education. But don't worry! Before sending your child abroad, as a parent, do you know about secondary education in Australia?
1. What are the classifications of Australian secondary schools?

Secondary schools in Australia are divided intoPublic school,Church schoolSchools with specific educational philosophy (vulgarCalled private school). Almost two-thirds of students in Australia go to public schools, and one-third of students go to church schools and private schools.

2. What secondary schools can international students study in Australia?

International students can study in AustraliaPublic school,Church schoolPrivate school, But not all secondary schools in Australia accept international students.For example, there are more than 2000 public schools in NSW, but only more than 150 of them accept international students.

3. How much does it cost to go to Australia to study in secondary school?

For Australian students, public school education is almost free, while private school education is expensive. Mission schools are somewhere in between.For international students, whether they choose a public school, a church school or a private school, they need to pay tuition.However, choosing different states and different types of schools has a big difference in tuition. such as,The annual tuition fee for junior high school in a Victorian public school is A$1; the annual tuition fee for junior high school in a public school in NSW is A$250.

4. What is the quality of secondary education in Australia?

The quality of secondary education in Australia is among the best in the world. In the 2009 International Middle School Student Assessment Project, Australia read,科学MathRanked sixth, seventh, and ninth among the 56 participating countries in the three tests.But as long as children excel in these items, they should be sent to Shanghai, Singapore and Hong Kong instead of Australia, because these three cities have consistently ranked among the top three in this test in recent years.

5. Is the Australian secondary education philosophy suitable for my child?

The teaching philosophy of Australian secondary schools is to develop students into independent and effective learners, confident and creative individuals, and active and knowledgeable citizens. Therefore, secondary schools not only teach, but alsoPay more attention to educating people, in addition to imparting communication skills, it will also popularize a positive outlook on life such as self-discipline, self-esteem, respect for classmates, and caring for the world.

6. Is the real "quality education" implemented in Australian secondary schools?

Australian secondary schoolsSmall class.No more than 30 students in a class, Emphasizing teamwork, self-expression and personal development. The school offers a wide range of courses, including various key subjects, such as English, mathematics, social and environmental studies, science, art, English as a foreign language, technology, health and sports.

7. What should I do if my child is not used to teaching abroad?

Australian secondary schools are relatively considerate to students of different abilities. Students with excellent grades can pass"Genius Project"To obtain key training, you can also pass"Best Student Program"Study university-level courses in advance and earn credits in advance. For students who need additional learning support, the school will also tailor a personal learning plan for him.

8. How do Australian secondary schools assess and score?

The methods of assessing students’ academic performance in Australian secondary schools are not limited to examinations, tests and homework, but are diverse, includingIndividual study projects, group activities, oral and visual presentationsand many more. Of course, the school will also pass national and state examinations to ensure that teaching meets the standards and maintains a high level.

9. Is it difficult to get a visa to study in Australia?

Last but not least,Australia has recently announced a series of measures aimed at simplifying student visas.For student applicants whose processing level is Level XNUMX, if the financial guarantee is provided by the close relatives of the student applicant,Then the fund proof materials will be reduced from meeting the cost of the first 18 months to meeting the cost of the first 12 months.This means that the guarantee deposit required by the bank for a student to apply for a visa can be reduced by up to XNUMX Australian dollars.

Article reprinted from Micro Sydney


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