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TO Hongcheng Tourism’s most precious customers:

Recently, at the 2015 annual awards ceremony held by Select Group in Manila, "Hongcheng Tourism Group" once again won Australia's highest honor award, Select Group's national travel agency "Star of the Year" award, Sabra Pacific's most precious partner honor, national air ticket sales The highest and best quality diamond award!

Become the only travel agency in Australia to receive this reputation.

Our growth is inseparable from your support and trust.

Report source: " Daily》MAY 15

Manila 2015 Select Group Annual Awards Ceremony

Top two from right: Ms. Sheena XU, Chairman of Hongcheng Travel Agency

First right: Tracey Zhang, senior manager of Hongcheng Travel Agency

For 20 years, we travel with our heart

Since its establishment in 1994, Hongcheng Tourism has been committed to pursuing the business philosophy of "professionalism, integrity and quality", professional services, honest hospitality, quality tourism, Hongcheng Tourism's outstanding sales ability and professional tourism quality have won domestic and foreign tourists and customers , Recognition of partners and excellent reputation.

Hongcheng has been serving sincerely for twenty years from 1994 to 2015.


Recently, at the 2015 Annual Awards Ceremony held by Select Group in Manila,

"Hongcheng Tourism Group" once again won the highest honor award in Australia——

SelectGroup National Australia Travel Agency "Star of the Year" award;

SabraPacific's most precious partner honor;

Diamond Award for the highest ticket sales and best quality in Australia!

It is the only travel agency in Australia to receive this reputation.

Many industry peers spoke highly of Hongcheng Tourism Group.

The 20-year quality group deserves its name.

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In the recent Abu Dhabi "2014 Abacus International Travel Industry Federation",

Hongcheng Tourism Group wins again"Top Three Best Travel Groups in the Global Travel Industry"Awards.

640-154 640-153 640-152 640-151

Hongcheng Travel is the only Chinese travel agency in Australia that has its own strong team of drivers and tour guides in Sydney and Melbourne.

Hongcheng Tourism Group, in line with the tenet and norms of "taking integrity as the basic, quality as the goal, and culture as the link", strives for perfection and continuous innovation. Hongcheng Tourism Group is an expert in tourism in Australia and New Zealand. It is known in the industry as the "largest", "best quality", "widest", "most sophisticated" and "most comprehensive" tourism group in the industry. He has been highly praised and recommended by the Victorian Tourism Board, Tourism Australia and the Federal Minister of Tourism. In July 2013, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd presented the "Australian Chinese Outstanding Business Elite Award" to Ms. Xu Na, Chairman of Hongcheng Tourism Group.

Hongcheng Travel 2015 Family [email protected] Headquarters and Representatives of Branches

Hongcheng Tourism Group, major branches in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou

CCB China Construction Bank RMB Clearing Business Launch Ceremony

2015 Sydney RMB Clearing Launch Ceremony

640-146 640-145 640-144 640-143 640-142

Hongcheng Travel Agency Sydney, Melbourne New Bus

640-141Hongcheng Travel, representative of Melbourne tour guide team 2015

2014 Annual Meeting Family [email protected] Headquarters and employee representatives of each branch

HongchengAbout us

Hongcheng Tourism is a first-class tourism company registered by the Australian government. Currently, it has 8 wholly-owned branches (including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth) in Australia and the three major cities of Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai. Branch.

Hongcheng Tourism is the largest Chinese tourism company in Australia with the largest business scale, the most diverse tourism products, the best service quality, and the ability to operate 365 days a year.

640-139 640-138

Hongcheng Travel Agency’s 20th Anniversary Celebration January 2014, 1

Our scope of services includes

Professional tour route operation and sales

【Overseas Line】

【China Line】

All provinces in China can be bound with air tickets to enjoy a great value travel experience

【Asian Route】

Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Cambodia, Thailand, South Korea, etc.

【Europe Line】

Netherlands, Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Scotland, Italy, Vatican, Monaco, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, etc.

【United States and Canada Line】

Canada, the United States, etc.

【Oceania Route】

Bali, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia

【Lines within Australia】

【Around Australia】

Cairns, Gold Coast, Uluru, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney

[Bus tour around Australia route]

* Exclusive Australia 8-day bus tour around Australia: Melbourne-Canberra-Sydney-Gold Coast-Brisbane

* 20 years of classic exclusive Sydney Canberra 4-day value tour route

* Melbourne Adelaide XNUMX-Day Bus Dream Tour

* Australia East Coast 5-day bus route: Sydney-Gold Coast-Brisbane-Sunshine Coast-Sydney

【Special tourist routes】

Australia's top golf tour, snow mountain tour, hot spring tour, tulip flower show, maple leaf tour, chestnut tour, cherry orchard tour, winery tour, etc.

【Private custom】

Exclusive in Australia, advanced travel customization

【Melbourne Day Tour Route】

Professional day trips to Penguin Island, Great Ocean Road, Gold Mine City, Puffing Billy Steam Train, etc.

【Sydney one-day tour route】

Professional one-day tours to Sydney city, Blue Mountains, Port Stephens, Canberra, etc.

Arrange travel itinerary

Arrange Australia group tours, self-guided tours, special tours, self-driving tours, student summer (winter) camps, group receptions, incentive tours...

20 years of professional experience, providing "one-stop" service for Australian tourism reception.

Hotel and ticket booking service:

Book various star hotels and budget hotels worldwide.

Book air tickets, trains, cruises and tickets to Australian attractions, etc.;

Air tickets from various countries, seasonal specials, the best prices in Australia.

Provide contract charter service

Owns an exclusive directly-operated fleet, has a variety of models to choose from, and provides professional Chinese tour guide

Provide business services

Assist in filling in visa application and visa application procedures; issuing invitation letters for counterpart industries; translation services, etc.

HongchengOur honor

Best Chinese Reception Agency in Oceania:

In March 2015, Hongcheng Tourism Group won the "Top Three Outbound Travel Agency in Australia, New Zealand and Oceania" at the first overseas destination marketing conference. It is also the only one to win the "Best Chinese Outbound Agency in Oceania" Reputable travel agency.


Top Market Award:

In August 2014, Hongcheng Tourism Group won the "TopMarket Award" awarded by Abacus, the world's largest tourism resource platform. Only the top three travel agencies in Australia can win this award!


The only designated travel agency for the Australian Pavilion in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone:

In July 2014, Hongcheng Tourism Group and Hongcheng Gift City entered the Australian National Pavilion in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone. It is the only Australian travel agency designated to enter the museum.

2005-2015 ten consecutive years

Hongcheng Tourism has won the “Diamond Award” for the largest number of tickets issued by Australia’s largest tourism association OET for more than ten consecutive years

640-136 640-135

TOP 12 VFR Travel Agency Award

Hongcheng Travel has won the TOP 12 VFR Travel Agency Award from Cathay Pacific Airways

640-134 640-133

Hongcheng Honor

There are countless other outstanding performance awards won by Hongcheng Tourism.

640-132 640-131

More exciting, all in Hongcheng

Our achievements are inseparable from your support and recognition.

We use our heart to make your journey at ease.

For 20 years, thank you for your company along the way.

We travel with our heart.


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