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If you compare the scenery of South Australia to a piece of fresh and beautiful light music, then the scenery of the Northern Territory of Australia can definitely be regarded as a powerful symphonic suite.


Leaving South Australia, taking a Qantas plane, after more than an hour of air flight, we landed at Alice Springs Airport in the Northern Territory of Australia.

What is unimaginable is that the scenery of South Australia and the Northern Territory is very different. South Australia is like a shy girl waiting for people to love, while the Northern Territory is more like a bohemian warrior, waiting for you to conquer.


The red land is endless, and the golden weeds go all the way.

From the moment the green grass is in the desert of the red land, whether it is the shock of vision or the shock of the soul, it is difficult to adapt to it in a short time.


Alice Springs Town is a thriving inland town located on the banks of the dry Todd River all year round. 4 kilometers south is the original site of the Alice Springs Telegraph Siation, a relay station of the continental telegraph line. It was built in 1872 and connected the southern colony of Australia with the outside world. Alice Springs is the hometown of the indigenous people of Arremte, which has many natural attractions with a long history, cultural charm and adventurous style.


When I first entered the small town, the scenes that I used to see in western American movies also came in abundance. It seems familiar, but quite unfamiliar. Without the slightest preparation in the brain, I can only use my eyes to scan everything that flashes around me, leave it to calm down, and then slowly recall.


The town is not big, but it has a rare vitality.

From time to time, there are vehicles speeding by, and there are many local aborigines with strong physiques and red and black skin in the turbulent flow of people. When I first arrived, I didn't dare to hold my camera rashly to take pictures without knowing the market.

After we used fast food in a supermarket, under the guidance of our guide, we climbed the highest peak in the area-Anzac Hill. On this vantage point, we can appreciate the small town of Alice Springs from different angles.


There is a watchtower on the top of the mountain and a war memorial on it. In addition to overlooking the entire town of Alice Springs, you can also see the magnificent scenery of the McDonnell Mountains.


Alice Springs Town


Looking across the endless red earth desert, the small green patch of Alice Springs really looks like an oasis in the desert. On the day we arrived, the sky was a little gloomy, and the scorching sunlight was missing from above. The moist breath floating in the air brought a rare coolness to this desert town.


Alice Springs is almost in the center of Australia, the Tropic of Capricorn passes through the city, and the climate is dry and hot. The nearby cattle industry is well-developed and has gold, mica, opal and coal mining.

This is an oasis area in the heart of the Australian Red Centre and the origin of the Royal Flying Doctor Service. At the same time, it is a midway stop to Uluru, the great wonder of Australia-Ayers Rock.


Town street view


Irving was the first Chinese we saw when we set foot in the Northern Territory of Australia. It is also the first Chinese tour guide of "Uluru Chinese Tour in Australia" who has long admired the name. It is with his attentive service and full accompany that we spent a happy and unforgettable holiday.

Under his patient and meticulous guidance, we have gained more knowledge and understanding of Australian culture while enjoying more peculiar beauty in the Northern Territory of Australia. He contributed to our "Discover Australia" trip.

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Here I saw a fast-moving train carrying goods. Listen to Owen’s introduction: Australia’s railways are very developed, and although they are also very comfortable and convenient, the fares are quite expensive, so people have more choices for land transportation and air flights.

So now most trains in Australia carry goods.


We have to rush to the King Canyon Resort, which is more than 500 kilometers away, before dark, so we cannot stay in the small town of Alice Springs for a long time.

We drove along the famous Stewart Highway in Australia. Outside the window speeding by, is the empty red land. Irving said that this is the desert area of ​​Australia. Seeing the rich vegetation on the red soil, it is difficult for me to connect with the endless yellow sand in the imprint.


Australia is big, big. Only a wide-angle lens is difficult to capture the whole picture of her. "The tyranny of distance" is another common term used to describe Australia. They cannot travel without driving.

The most common phenomenon in Australia is "the highway extends indefinitely before your eyes". The country’s highways extend in all directions, and long-distance cargo trucks can be seen everywhere, usually at a speed of 110 kilometers per hour. (Ilsa Sharp, UK)

No wonder that when I was standing on the edge of the highway and shooting, I often felt the strong wind from the rushing vehicles.

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Infinite highway


When encountering the beautiful scenery, Owen parked in a caring way, let us rest and shoot.

When I saw the scary black marks left behind by fire in many places, I was surprised whether there had ever been a fire in these places. Owen told us that it is precisely to prevent these weeds from being too dense to cause spontaneous combustion in the summer when the high temperature comes. Therefore, when summer comes, local people will be responsible for igniting these weeds to avoid spontaneous combustion at high temperatures and cause greater fires. .

The land is sparsely populated and the area is large, but there is no need for more manpower to do such things, because there are special people flying in the air to watch all the conditions after the weeds are lit.

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The river in the red soil desert exposed the riverbed because it dried up when the summer rainy season came.

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On the side of the highway, occasionally there is such a pergola for people who travel long distances to rest.


This foreign man took all the household items (generators, electric fans, notebooks, pots, bowls, ladles, basins, sleeping bags, pets, etc.) sitting in the pergola to surf the Internet. That freedom and comfort makes us who like to travel envy.


Sunset in the desert


Wild horses in the desert

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