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上海 考虑车牌设有效期

The Shanghai brand mock auction last Sunday night did not achieve the expected results. Some netizens believe that Shanghai brand auctions should be innovative and may wish to introduce third-party online trading platforms such as Taobao.

Huang Xiaoyong, deputy director of the Publicity Department of the Municipal Transportation Committee, said that new problems have indeed appeared in the Shanghai auction, and the management department is studying follow-up measures. He said that through the warning price mechanism, it has played a role in stabilizing volume and controlling prices, but as time develops, a corresponding release mechanism is being studied to meet the rigid demand of the market.

Huang Xiaoyong revealed that issues including whether the quota should have a deadline and other issues have been studied.

In other words, the license plates bought by Shanghai license plate owners for tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars will become invalid after a few years. To put it bluntly, this most expensive piece of iron sheet is only rented by the government. After the lease is full, you will have to pay for it and renew it.

交通委 怀疑黑客攻击

"These policies will be released after the research is mature. At the same time, they will also comprehensively evaluate and select companies with mature technology and good service quality to participate in the auction system. These are all under consideration." Huang Xiaoyong said.

"The National Auction Company is currently making every effort to improve the system and will soon launch a second public test of the new system. After the expected results are achieved, the system will be ready for the upcoming monthly auction of license plates." The relevant person in charge of the Transportation Commission said.

The Shanghai National Auctions also stated that the mock auction on June 6 encountered problems such as inability to log in, frequent disconnections, inability to scan verification codes, and inability to bid. The system encountered a large amount of abnormal traffic at the time, and it was initially suspected to be an attack.

The next step will be to assist public security, telecommunications and other departments to monitor the system network and even take corresponding protective measures to ensure fairness and justice in the auction.

车牌限期 是效仿新加坡

In 2012, the auction price of a Singapore private car license was as high as S$9.7, which was equivalent to RMB 49.5 at that time.

The biggest highlight of the Singapore license plate auction is that the license is valid for 10 years. After 10 years, with the scrapping of vehicles and the purchase of new vehicles, car owners can directly obtain a new 3-year quota based on the successful bidding price in the last 10 months; or pay half the price to extend the 5-year quota usage rights, but After 5 years, there is no longer any extension power. When the vehicle is scrapped, the original additional registration fee (a deposit equivalent to the price of the vehicle) will be refunded 50%-75%.

为何 车牌要设有效期呢

Relevant departments stated that the existence of the validity period of the license permits people to own and use vehicles more rationally.

Screen Shot at 2015 06-18-08.45.07
Excuse me: What rights does the existing Shanghai brand have?

Since the Shanghai brand is so expensive, there must be his reason. The Shanghai brand owner must have many special offers?

So what rights can Shanghai brand owners enjoy?

The only special feature is that it can be elevated during the morning and evening peak hours of the working day.

And originally there was only a 4-hour limit for foreign cards.


In April of this year, the calls came out, and the time limit for foreign cards was finally extended to 4 hours.

But in fact, the Shanghai elevated in the morning and evening rush hours is still blocked, and there are many foreign-brand cars that ignore the restrictions.

Some foreign-licensed cars choose to wait at the ramp gate... Many times, the ramp gate is seriously blocked.

640-412 640-413

In other words...

Even if you have a Shanghai license
But there is no use for eggs
Excuse me: Where did the fees go

It is well known that it costs 100 yuan to shoot a Shanghai card, regardless of whether you get it or not.

Since the beginning of this year, the monthly number of bidding has been over 10, which means that the national bidding will be able to receive more than 1000 million yuan each month... The national bidding said that a considerable part of this money is used for the maintenance of the bidding system.

However, there is no use for eggs...

The card client is stuck like a fool every time! ! !



The magical national auction finally thought of reforms in May of this year. They proposed that the whole people auction cards on the web, so no one should complain about them, right? On June 5th they conducted a mock auction, which proved to be useless in fact.

The netizens who participated in the simulated card auction said that the most common words are:

Are you white?

I'm white!

I am also white!

Excuse me: Is your management comparable to Singapore?

The Shanghai license has a validity period and keeps saying that it is to imitate Singapore. Can your management level be comparable to Singapore? Can our income level catch up with Singapore?

People in your city can really joke,

People in your city can really play.

Shanghai is dead, something is burning paper.


Article reprinted from Shanghai Quanzhi


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