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I’m SB, everyone knows it!

Uncle police, this kind of self-criticism seems too modest!

This is blatant contempt!

You estimate that you will be stopped by traffic police 100 times a day on the road!

SB+250, invincible!

Tai Er is not your fault!

You two show up!

You scold, and wait and see after scolding!

Whoever follows this car can only admit that he is unlucky!

I love you, an island blockbuster, you know!

Move me to try, try and try!

Bye Byelow, you have to say goodbye after you finish cursing, so cruel!

This is also the end of waiting to be verified!

You want RMB, we all want RMB!

Enough for two, stop two!

This toilet is lucky enough!

Uh, this won't be translated, you can experience it yourself.

You want second B, no one really stops you!


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