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Recently, the domestic "zombie meat" scandal has once again become the headline of Australian media! The huge and dazzling subject makes people can't bear to look straight. The captured Chinese meat smuggler sold frozen meat from around 1970. While expecting the law to severely punish these illegal traders, as an overseas Chinese media that always cares about the motherland, "Chinatown" specially edits here to introduce some of Australia's regulatory procedures, taking the breeding of a cow in Australia as an example, to provide domestic meat products Provide some reference and reference for safety-

In Australia, the whole process from raising livestock to selling meat productsEvery step at every location, All relatedAustralian laws and regulations or regulatory agencies to monitor it.

In addition, there are very reputable logistics companies that conduct research and investigations on the entire livestock market and provide standardized services to ensure the quality and food safety of beef and lamb.


We can see that in the feeding stage of farms and feedlots, there are production assurance regulations and quality assurance regulations to restrict the raising of livestock. In the transportation process, there are also special transportation guarantees to ensure the quality of the meat. At the same time, many departments have the right and obligation to supervise and inspect them during the processing. In terms of export, there are strict checks by the biosafety department.


It can be seen that in Australia, the entire meat products from breeding to slaughter to transportation to sale are all inspected and supervised by relevant departments.

Therefore, in Australia, it is difficult for people to eat meat of inferior quality, let alone zombie meat 30 or 40 years ago.

In China, in the zombie meat incident, ineffective supervision was the root cause. At this point, perhaps China can follow Australia’s example, in addition to government supervision, but alsoWe can encourage the development of credible and guaranteed logistics companies to provide guaranteed services.

The happy life of a cow

Australia is a truly sparsely populated country. Although the number of cattle raised is not the largest in the world, due to its small population and low demand for beef, most of Australia's beef is exported.

So what kind of life does an Australian dairy cow live?

1. Electronic Identity Verification

As soon as the Australian calf is born, it will wear the NLIS ear card, which is its electronic ID card, and will follow it for life. And this electronic ear card is equipped with a computer chip. Through scanning, you can get the milk output today, and then calculate the feed volume of the cow tomorrow. It is completely privately customized. . .

2. Automated milking equipment

640-296Australian ranches basically use automated milking equipment. Cows only need to enter their own location, from milking, collecting milk, to transporting the milk to the refrigerated tank, the whole process is done in one go, people will not touch a drop Milky. During this whole process, the cow will feel more comfortable and comfortable, just like a massage, the whole equipment is designed to take care of the cow's feelings. . .

3. Cows also have holidays


In Australia, dairy cows have to rest for 13 months every 2 months they work to ensure that they can recuperate and have a good mood. . .

4. Vast living space


On average, each cow has 4 acres of activity space. . . Large areas of mountain or wasteland can be used for grazing. The farm has a large area, often covering several hills, endlessly. Farmers determine the number of dairy cows based on pasture area and pasture quality. . .

5. All drugs are prohibited


Australian cattle are all prohibited from growth hormone, genetically modified drugs and hormone stimulating drugs. Because Australians believe that cows are in a mood. They must be in a good mood, pay attention to their health, and don't blindly pursue their milk production in order to get good meat and good milk quality.

Food safety issues increase demand for Australian beef

The Australian media also mentioned at the end of the article that as Chinese people become more and more worried about their own food, this is also extremelyIncreased demand for imported meat.

The main source countries of imported meat includeAustralia, New Zealand, the United States and Europe.

The editor searched Taobao,I found that Australian beef and fresh milk are still very popular, and of course the prices are also very beautiful.


If the Chinese government can no longer increase supervision, reform supervision measures, increase penalties, and effectively solve China’s food safety problems,It is estimated that the people. . . I have no choice but to rely on the purchasing agent to buy imported food. . .

Article reproduced from Sydney Today


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