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Is IS far away from Chinese youth? It is reported that there are already Chinese youths in Melbourne who have become members of IS and are fighting for it. For the gray-haired parents in the homeland, brothers and sisters carefully read this news-

Where is IS in Australia? ? ? Obviously they are already too rampant. Today they appeared at the NSW Community Centre to trick young people into joining their "jihad" in the name of recruiting social workers.

According to Sarkis Achmar, a former employee of the center, a group of male IS members disguised as social workers visited the Bankstown Multicultural Youth Service and tried to entice young people to join IS’s “jihad”. "The staff of the center worked hard to persuade at least 7 young people to stay away from IS."

Abdullah Elmir is one of this group of IS members, he is called Ginger Jihadist.

IS is trying to keep young children away from the family, using drugs and money to tempt them.

News compiled from "ABC News"


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