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First sight|"People from Tongzhou"

Shirt, trousers, leather shoes, gold-rimmed glasses, leather briefcase, white complexion, no beard, the moment Zhuo Wei or Li Kaifu saw it, a little silly and unclear. We shook hands like old comrades first met. The business card he handed over was the chief writer, Nandu Entertainment Weekly, and Han Bingjiang.

Han Bingjiang was the real name given to him by his father. When he was a teenager, he used to write film reviews and split the word "Han" to get the pseudonym "Zhuo Wei".

After sitting down, drink tea. In previous media interviews, he arranged the interview location here. Are you waiting for the "chance encounter"? Or is it convenient to display "results"?

Zhuo Wei's answer is simply surprising: "Because I can get there directly from Tongzhou by bus or subway, which is very convenient." The year before last, Fengxing Studio rented a 200-square-meter house in Tongzhou. The remaining house was used as a dormitory, and Zhuo Wei lived in one of them. Since then, the history of Beijing's mobile renting from Wanshou Temple to Guangqumen to Dougezhuang since 03 has ended, and he has become a "people from Tongzhou". At the beginning of this year, Fengxing Studio, which has been established for 9 years, finally rented a formal office, redecorated and bought some office supplies, the address is still in Tongzhou.

Experience | Tabloid reporter

Before the age of 32, Zhuo Wei was Han Bingjiang who lived in Dazhigu, Hedong District, Tianjin. Zhuo Wei's father is a carpenter and his mother is an accountant in a state-owned enterprise. He is the eldest of the three brothers. He likes to listen to his father telling stories. Most of his father's stories and books at home are secrets of history. He became interested in gossip culture. origin.

When he was a teenager, introverted and mediocre, he turned to a free book in the bookstore, which introduced the tabloid culture of Shanghai in the 30s. There was a reporter who was particularly famous in that circle. He visited various celebrities gathered during the day. At night, it is a popular gossip and fierce material written by Youlong. So he determined to become this tabloid reporter.

After graduating from technical secondary school in 1991, Zhuo Wei was assigned to the Tianjin Steel Plant as a "secretary sitting in the office." Obviously, the work of writing speeches and plans was too far away from the ideals of big gossips. So in 1995, Zhuo Wei went to Tianjin Daguangming Cinema. I thought that I could almost realize my biggest dream when I became a promoter in a film company. Who knew that the actual job in a movie theater was a waiter: checking tickets, cleaning, and washing toilets until 2000.

On January 2000, 1, Zhuo Wei was called a "dream day". He successfully applied for the newly established "Daily Xinbao" in Tianjin that day. After throwing away two iron rice bowls, the 27-year-old "finally Become the coveted reporter."

Work|I don’t be friends with celebrities

Zhuo Wei basically has no personal relationships with celebrities. The only celebrities who have added his WeChat account are Han Han, Gao Yuanyuan, and Lin Gengxin.

A Weibo by Zhuo Wei can sum up his attitude towards celebrities: come one by one, just walk and see.

After the celebrities such as the article, Chen He, Tian Yuan and other celebrities involved in cheating, the public opinion tended to be consistent in their value orientation; and the exposure of celebrities such as Zhou Dongyu and Zhang Xinyi's love affair made Zhuo Weihe Fengxing much criticized. Zhuo Wei believes that celebrities are public figures. With their own public image income, romance is also an integral part of their news, and the shooting is justified.

"The lawyer told me,'There is no prohibition in the law,' and you can do things that are not stipulated by the law. So I will remind the celebrities when I take photos of the relationship. Don't blame me for sneak shots, blame you for not drawing the curtains.

Zhuo Wei's two major principles for himself and Fengxing are: don't break the law, don't write anything, and everything else is OK.

Faye Wong and Li Yapeng divorced, and was stopped by a popular car on the way home from the airport, and took a photo with tears in her eyes. Zhuo Wei believes that there is nothing wrong with such an approach: "Readers who want to watch this news are our job, so they should shoot; in fact, Faye Wong can just let the reporter film it on that day. Haven't you already announced your divorce? Why can’t the airport be interviewed? You are a public figure and everyone is so concerned about this matter. Why can’t you have such a cooperative and understanding mentality for the public and the media?"

"Chen Hyuk said that you quit running men, why don't you keep your promise? In the face of fame and fortune, you think you can continue; when asked about the article, you still have to be tolerant to him; some Korean artists committed suicide to prove their innocence, you See if we have one here? No one."

"And I always think that actors are not righteous, bitches are ruthless. So I don't make friends with celebrities. I can be said to be both traditional and rebellious in my personality and thinking. There are many traditional things, and some rebellious things."

Status Quo|National Gossip

Before going to bed every day, Zhuo Wei checks his Weibo private messages. People who support him call him "Sir Zhuo" and "Uncle Zhuo", and he usually responds thank you. Most of them were fans who kept sending swear words because of their idols being secretly photographed. He ignored them and said it didn't affect their mood-"This is my own cultivation." What caught his attention most was the many news stories.

"I can show you one. This is a fan in South Korea. He saw Wang Sicong and a woman walking in the supermarket and sent me photos of the scene." In a private message, this fan named Shimou sent a total of more than 20 Photos of Zhang Wang Sicong and his female partner from various angles.

"Thank you, I will pay you according to the website's remuneration."

The whistleblower replied: "I don't want this kind of money, as a good deed." Zhuo Wei still paid for the photo. Shimou donated the remuneration he received, then took a screenshot to show Zhuo Wei and left a message: the merits are complete. At the beginning of this year, Fengxing launched its own APP, which focuses on the most authentic entertainment insider. Ordinary people can also upload photos of the celebrities that they have taken, named Quanmin Scout.

Sale|The most expensive piece of news sold

"What was the most expensive piece of news you sold last year?"

-"That's still the article Yao Di."

"how much is it?"

He looked at the sky, using his fingers to estimate for a long time, "Ten thousand or twenty thousand yuan."

"It is a cooperation with Sohu. This is only one of the 100 articles. The average is a few thousand yuan. Other websites are infringing and reprinting free of charge is not paid. I gave this photo to Nandu Entertainment Weekly. "They said that this news is good and it has a big impact. They gave you more of the contribution fee, and they gave you 1 yuan, plus one more than XNUMX yuan."

"At that time, the agent of the article contacted me, and the trustees asked me, including Chen He, who also said that you can give me 200 million for the price. I dare not say that he can give me 100 million, but 50 million or XNUMX, I think it is definitely possible. Yes, I made up my mind at that time. This news will definitely not be sold. I think no matter how much money he gives me, I can only take it once, but this news can increase the brand awareness of our studio and open up our market. , The intangible assets brought to us in the future are immeasurable."

"Have you ever confiscated money?"

"It is impossible to say no. For example, this star is pregnant, and I am still a little bit low. Let us take a photo and then admit it; or for example, who is eating with Chow Yun-fat, let you take a photo, and use Chow Yun-fat to make headlines. All this is negligible, it is a little carriage fee."

After the interview, Zhuo Wei asked the waiter to fill the teapot with water. He also met with an investor here to talk about the Quanmin Scout APP. He hoped that "this project can be done well and let me be a paparazzi until retirement."

Article reprinted from Sina Fashion


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