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Do you sometimes miss the roast duck of Greater China in Melbourne? Roast duck is a famous Beijing dish with a world reputation. It was developed by the Han people in the Ming Dynasty and was a royal food at that time. The raw material is high-quality meat duck, roasted on charcoal fire, the color is ruddy, the meat is fat but not greasy, and it is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. It is known as "the world's delicacy" for its red color, tender meat, mellow taste, and fat but not greasy. Melbourne, as a melting pot of food, will certainly not let go of this delicacy, this will tell you where to eat!

Simon's Peiking Duck

Simon Lay is the originator of roast duck in Melbourne. He is the former chef of Old Kingdom. He taught Melburnians how to roll roast duck like a wallet. After retiring a few years ago, I was too lonely, so I opened this new roast duck restaurant in Box Hill South in 2013, and it quickly gained the same popularity as before! Before roasting, the chef has marinated the duck with maltose, oyster sauce and light soy sauce, so you will taste so delicious! Egg milk is added to the dough, so it is very chewy. Use it to wrap sliced ​​duck meat, fresh cucumbers, green onions, and dip it in the sauce. It's superb! It would be great to have a bowl of ginger soup after eating roast duck! Friendly reminder: Their family only accepts cash!

Address: 197B Middleborough Road, Box Hill South

Phone: 03 9898 5944

Flower Drum

The highlight of this shop is its dough, simple flour, water and salt are kneaded into a dough under the skill of the chefs, then rolled into a skin, and finally steamed in a steamer. This is a long and time-consuming and laborious preparation process, and the average restaurant will not spend more time on it. However, as Melbourne's most prestigious Chinese restaurant, Flower Drum never compromises, so their dough is not easily damaged when wrapped. Such a springy dough wraps the thin slices of roast duck dipped in sauce, can cucumber and green onions not taste good!

Address: 17 Market Lane, Melbourne

Phone: 03 9662 3655


Secret Kitchen

Secret Kitchen's roast duck is also very good, which makes it a fascinating restaurant in Doncaster Westfield. Restaurant manager Kelvin Leung's duck slice skills are quite superb, and you can see how a complete duck food becomes a thin slice, because all this is done at your table. The duck meat is tender and juicy, the skin is roasted and crispy, you can see the thick fat layer, but this just shows that all the ducks are freshly roasted! The dough that wraps the roast duck is very soft and the sauce is delicious. It is worth mentioning that the service of this restaurant is very good, the table layout is also very reasonable, and the whole city can be seen through the window!

Address: Westfield Shopping Centre, Shop L2-2003, 619 Doncaster Road, Doncaster

Phone: 03 9840 2248


Old kingdom

Even without Simon Lay, this restaurant in Collingwood has made roast duck to a remarkable height. The duck meat is juicy, the dough is soft, and the sauce is sweet but not greasy. And the price is very high, roast duck + noodles + soup is only $55, enough for three people to eat! The restaurant can bring your own drinks and is adjacent to Smith Street Cellars. But it only accepts cash~ So remember to come prepared!

Address: 197 Smith Street, Fitzroy

Phone: 03 9417 2438


Eades and Bergman from abroad, and other chefs trained by Michelin restaurants, you may think that there is really no authentic Peking duck here. First of all, the roast duck it serves is wrapped in one piece; secondly, the fat of roast duck is very thick. But, roast duck noodles, maybe you are all right, but you can't deny that the roast duck here is one of the best in Melbourne! Their ducks are all free-range, eating corn, and their meat is quite plump. Served with cucumber and delicious sweet and spicy sauce, you will fall in love with one bite!

Address: 16 Liverpool Street, Melbourne

Phone: 03 9090 7778

Website: http://ruyi.com.au

The article is reproduced from Dianping-Melbourne Station, edited by "Chinatown"


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