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China-Australia Free Trade Agreement signed by skilled immigrants favored

On June 6, the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement was officially signed. In the Free Trade Agreement, China and Australia set relevant obligations on visas, permits and other fast application procedures, temporary entry permits, transparency, and natural persons movement committees. It will also be more convenient to submit and process visa procedures online.

4 occupations added to the occupation list

We need to pay attention,Australia will provide Chinese young people aged between 18 and 30 with 5000 opportunities to visit Australia each year for short-term work or training.

Australia alsoCanceled the skill assessment of 10 types of skilled workers such as electricians, woodworkers, and diesel car mechanics when applying for temporary visas;

At the same time promiseProvide up to 4 years of work visas for qualified Chinese chefs, martial arts coaches, Chinese medicine physicians and Chinese teachers, And for practitioners in the above 4 occupationsGuarantee to provide a total of 1800 job opportunities every year.


Australian immigrants have a fiscal year from July 7 to June 1 of the following year.

In the 2014~2015 fiscal year, AustraliaList of occupations for skilled immigrants中,increaseChef,Bricklayer and Bricklayer (Masoner).

Also haveTwo new professionsAdded to the CSOL occupation list, one isHydrogeologist,one isExercise physiologist.

Immigration experts said that for Chinese applicants, the need to achieve an IELTS score of 6 is a stumbling block, and they have to pass a career assessment, but if they get an invitation letter from a local employer in Australia, it is very different.

It is understood that the 2014~2015 fiscal yearTop ten occupations in Australia for skilled immigrantsThey are:

Registered nurse,



High school teacher,

Metal fitters and mechanics,

Auto mechanic,


Construction Industry Manager,

Software and application programmers,

Structural steel

Welding workers.

Among these 10 occupations, there areHalf of them are blue-collar mechanics, The quota accounts for 46%.


Skilled immigration quota exceeds 2/3

Australia is about to enter the new fiscal year. Although the immigration plan for the 2015~2016 fiscal year has not yet been released, according to the 2015~2016 Immigration Plan Discussion Draft issued by the Australian Department of Immigration, the 2015 immigration plan quota Taking into account the positive impact of skilled migration on the Australian economy, the quota for skilled migration in 19 was 2015, accounting for 128550%; the quota for family group migration was 67.7, accounting for 60885%.

Among the quota of skilled immigrants, employer guarantees (48250) account for the heaviest proportion.

Immigration experts said,Australia's immigration plan will focus on skilled immigrants.

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