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Are there any tips for investing in Australian real estate? Of course there is, or why some people earn more and others earn less, and the difference is quite big. Today Xiaoman will introduce these tips to everyone.

In fact, the know-how of real estate investment in Australia is very simple. All the know-how is the following 5 points. If you follow these steps, you can surely become a successful investor, but it is really difficult to do it all. Let's encourage together.

1. Buy as soon as possible

Throughout the past 30 years, except for a short period of stagnation and a slight decline, real estate has been rising steadily over and over again. At every stage, houses are not easy to buy assets.

Buying next year will not buy a few more this year.

Over the past 30 years, Australian real estate has grown steadily, doubling on average every 7-10 years.

640-332 2. Buy as much as possible for the same budget

If the budget is reasonable and buy more as soon as possible, 1 suite is not as good as owning 2 suites, because 1 suite needs to be repaid all the time, and 2 suites can be flexibly repaid by selling one suite after appreciation, so that holding 1 suite has a positive rental income And the appreciation part, completely different results.

3. Buy the best value-added location

Our criteria for choosing a house is the core area of ​​the mature area of ​​the city, the golden area of ​​the CBD with a radius of 1-2KM, and the center of the key planned community and satellite city.

4. Buy an affordable house

The rent-to-sale ratio is a very important parameter. Rent is like the blood of investment and rent to support mortgages. It allows us to invest without pressure and does not affect the quality of life.

And it allows us to hold the house for a long time without selling the house in advance because of pressure.

If we buy more houses that we can easily afford, we can easily buy 4 or more in a short period of time, so that we can realize our old possessions as soon as possible, and retire wealthy, even if we no longer work.

5. Long-term hold


We have encountered too many of these cases. For example, Burwood in Sydney has not risen for many years, but it has risen by 2% in the past 3-80 years.

Ten years later, we have a few houses in our hands, which are the real winners of real estate investment.

Today, 30 years later, the number of houses bought has increased by 10 times or more.

In addition, big data determines 95% of the house value. For example, where to buy which item.

Others are important about the type, orientation and floor, but only affect 5% of the value.

Regardless of what the Australian real estate is, it is generally returning to the principle of value, where you get what you pay for.

Our pursuit of buying more houses is king.

One house is not as flexible and risk-resistant as having two houses. Because you have the flexibility to sell one or two to repay your mortgage, you don’t need to use your salary to repay your mortgage. Salaries are the most expensive money after paying taxes.

Only the house left in your hand can have continuous positive rental income and continuous appreciation of money to reinvest.

Investing and keeping more than 4 houses in succession will allow you to live a rich life without working in 10 years, and wealth freedom in 20 years.


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