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Save money and enjoy it after retirement. As a result, after retirement, because of his old age, poor health, and inconvenient mobility, he could not go anywhere. Save the money and wait for the elderly, but the child grows up, he wants to study abroad, he wants to start a business, he has to spend money to marry a wife, and his pension is taken away.

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When you have enough ability to treat yourself well, do it immediately. Older people sometimes cannot do what middle-aged or young people can do. Age and health are a major factor.


The child must tell him from an early age that after raising you to high school, he must be self-reliant after college, study abroad, start a business, marry a wife, find a way by himself, keep a little more money, and don’t live for the child.


We are all too old, but too late. My friend lost his wife last year. This sudden accident is really unacceptable, but deaths always come like this. A friend said that his wife most hoped that he could send her flowers, but he felt it was too wasteful. He always pushed to wait until the next time to buy them. In the end, after she died, they arranged her mourning hall with flowers. Isn't this too stupid?


Wait till... Wait till... It seems that all our lives are spent waiting.

"When I graduate from university, what will happen to me..." we said to ourselves.

"Wait until I buy a house!"...

"After my youngest child gets married!"...

"After I negotiate this business!"...

"Wait until I die!"...

Everyone is willing to sacrifice the present in exchange for waiting for the unknown; sacrifice the hard money of this life and this life to buy the comfort of future generations.


There is a Swedish motto: "We are old too fast, but we are too late." Whether you notice it or not, life is always moving forward.

There is no round-trip ticket in life, and what is lost will never be obtained again. Putting hope on "wait until a convenient time to enjoy", we don't know how much possible happiness has been lost!

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