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According to reports, Tantric Yoga, Acrobatic Yoga and Yoga Pole Dance are all emerging branches of yoga, but Australia has recently ushered in a more trendy yoga-naked yoga. The Twisting Peacock yoga studio in Perth, Western Australia has also caught up with this wave after NSW and Queensland, offering nude yoga classes for women who cannot confidently face their bodies.

According to reports, at work operator Melissa Howard said that 6 months ago, she and her teacher Rosie Rees thought that Perth was ready for naked yoga, so they offered this course for 2 hours In the course, women can break free from all insecurity and release themselves.

The studio has held 3 courses so far, and each course has sold out within a week. There are both regular and new guests, and the age and body are quite different. The youngest participant is 22 years old, and the youngest The longest is over 50 years old. Howard said: "Everyone was nervous at first, but after a few minutes everyone would forget that they were naked. After the course, everyone would even sit and chat naked."

Ordinary yoga classes are good for the mind, body, and spirit, but naked yoga is a process of self-overcoming. Howard said: “Many women cry out in the class because it’s liberation. Some people have been for years. Being troubled by my own body image (after the course is over), I can be proud of myself.” In addition, Reese also began to consider creating a naked yoga course for couples, and may promote women’s naked yoga to Australia by the end of this year. .

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News compiled from "Daily Mail"


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