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For young couples who are preparing for pregnancy, expectant mothers who are pregnant, and young friends who have successfully upgraded to motherhood, how to give birth to a healthy baby and how to make the baby healthier are the most important courses. The editor below will recommend a few must-haves for pregnancy! ! !

First of all, How do I get pregnant with a baby?

Menevit Menevit Men's Pregnancy Tablets Nutrients & Elevit Elevit Pregnancy Nutrition Folic Acid Preparation/Pregnancy Multivitamin


Here are two recommended pregnancy tablets,BoysTake the Menevit men's fertility tablets for men,SchoolgirlEat Elevit Elevit pregnant women nutrition folic acid for pregnancy/pregnancy multivitamin~

Menevit Menevit Pregnancy Tablets for MenIt is a necessity for men before pregnancy. It can maximize the quantity, quality and vitality of sperm, and can effectively increase the probability of conception in the shortest time, ensuring that the future baby is the healthiest and smartest. Dear fathers and mothers, it is recommended to start taking it 3 months before pregnancy to protect sperm from free radical damage, which is of great benefit to DNA development, enhance self-production ability and reduce inflammation!

The combination of antioxidants contained in Menevit provides healthy sperm for couples planning a pregnancy. Sperm quality is affected by unhealthy lifestyles (such as poor eating habits, excessive drinking, smoking, stress, etc.), as well as other environmental factors (such as pollution, pesticides), diseases and poor health.
Australia-Adelaide fertility expert and drug inventor, Dr. Kelton Tremarin said: Menevit is an effective preventive drug that can be used to improve the problem of reduced male fertility ** because of smoking, obesity or exposure The chemical causes free radicals that damage the sperm. This drug can successfully reduce the DNA damage in the sperm and improve the quality of the embryo.

【Daily Dosage】

Take 1 tablet daily, with meals.

The husband should start using it 3 months before the wife is ready to become pregnant, and continue to take it until the wife becomes pregnant or as directed by the doctor.


1. Menevit male fertility nutrition tablets are a nutritional supplement and cannot replace a daily healthy diet.

2. Menevit male fertility nutrition tablets contain selenium. Therefore, do not take more than 2 tablets per day or follow the doctor's advice.

3. This product is not suitable for children under 15 years old

Elevit Maternity Nutrition Folic Acid for Pregnancy/Pregnancy MultivitaminIt is the first choice for pregnant mothers worldwide! !


elevit is suitable as a vitamin and mineral supplement for pregnant women, pregnancy and breastfeeding women.

One capsule per day provides a good nutritional supply for pregnant mothers, and has been clinically proven to reduce the rate of fetal malformations. Although the price of the Australian version of Philharmonic is much higher than the European version, it has advantages in terms of safety and formulation.

【Adverse reactions】

1. This product is well tolerated, a few cases will have gastrointestinal dysfunction (such as constipation, diarrhea), but generally do not need to stop. Some sensitive women may experience a certain degree of over-excitement, so such patients should avoid taking it at night.

2. If any adverse symptoms or reactions occur, please consult a physician.

【how to use】

Best time to take:From one month before pregnancy or the first three months of pregnancy, until three months after delivery.

How to take: One tablet at a time, once a day, with breakfast, or as directed by your doctor. If nausea occurs in the morning, it is recommended to take it at noon or evening.

Elevit contains a variety of vitamins, folic acid, minerals and trace elements to ensure the physiological needs before and after pregnancy and three months after delivery.

Elevit pregnancy antiemetic tablets vitamins for pregnant women


Expectant mothers who are pregnant always experience morning sickness, the pain, who knows who has vomited! elevit pregnancy antiemetic tablets pregnant women vitamins can reduce nausea and vomiting symptoms produced by pregnant women~~~~~

[How to take]

Take one tablet once a day with breakfast or as directed by your doctor. If there is morning sickness, it is recommended to take it at noon (please fix the time every day) for some sensitive women, please avoid taking it at night. If the symptoms are severe, one capsule can be taken after 12 hours


Morning sickness is a common nausea experienced by expectant mothers during pregnancy, which can lead to vomiting and often occurs in the early stages of pregnancy. This reaction is believed to be caused by changes in hormones and/or blood pressure. But on the contrary, this symptom can occur at any time during the day or night and continue throughout the pregnancy.

According to scientific statistics, up to 80% of women may experience morning sickness in the first trimester. 20% of pregnant mothers continue this reaction until the second trimester, and occasionally some pregnant women continue to feel morning sickness until the third trimester.

German-originally produced Avidia Antiemetic Tablets during pregnancy contain a series of active ingredients to help your nutritional needs throughout conception, pregnancy and lactation.

The special ingredients of Elevit morning sickness relief tablets contain specially formulated natural ginger and vitamin B6. This ingredient has been proven in research to help reduce the frequency and severity of morning sickness and help relieve symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. It also contains a series of formulas to meet your changing nutritional needs during conception, pregnancy and lactation.

A tablet of Evelyn morning sickness symptom relief tablet is valid for up to 12 hours, and it will continue to relieve your uncomfortable symptoms during pregnancy.

Vitamin B6 belongs to the "Class A drug" in the drug standards for pregnant women, and it is safe for pregnant women and fetuses~~~~

Elevit's morning sickness tablets are suitable for use during pregnancy. This product is more effective when combined with Elevit multivitamins during pregnancy.

Elevit is taken once a day by pregnant women to supplement vitamin and mineral products. It has been proven that, more importantly, it can reduce fetal nerve center damage, including spina bifida.

Unlike other formulas for pregnant women, this product has been proven by more than one million successful pregnancy cases.

Eat a healthy diet, Elevit contains the multi-vitamins and minerals necessary for mothers. Contains more folic acid than other formulas to help prevent iron deficiency.

Nature'sOwn Fenugreek Seed Prolactin Capsules


Milk is absolutely indispensable for new babies, and breast milk has been determined to be the food that babies need most for growth.

Nature's Own Fenugreek Seed Prolactin Capsules can promote breast milk secretion, open milk and milk; protect the respiratory tract and stomach.

Suitable for breastfeeding mothers 7 days after childbirth, 1-2 capsules three times a day.


[Storage method]: Store below 30 degrees Celsius, avoid sunlight

【Notes】: Dietary supplements can not replace drugs

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