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First post an advertising video (see above), which is a thank you to Snowball. If you understand this video, you don't need to read my story. If you don’t understand, please read on.

In October 2014, I opened an A-share account, and the first stock I bought was a flush. Recently, all the stocks have been cleared, and the last stock Guangguang Media has been sold. Rough calculations, I’m in the stock marketMoney turned 10Double. Many people have asked me "How can I get 10 times?", but when I asked, the expression on my face was "You know how to pretend to be forceful, you can't pretend to be dead." It's really not pleasant to communicate.

Today, a friend on WeChat has come over and sincerely invites us, so just write it, it can be regarded as a summary of more than half a year.

Frankly speaking, I am trading stocks for speculation. And I have to say, I have been a speculator since I was a kid. Speculation basically runs through my short 25-year life. When I was young, I had a good relationship with my classmates who had studied well. I copied my homework every time. The junior high school secretly copied the teacher's textbook and sold it to the nerd in the next class. The university organizes low-grade freshmen to play Warcraft, exporting experience points to silly foreigners in North America. After graduation, I started reselling license plates and reselling second-hand school district houses...

To say what these things have in common is that they all need to engage in some interpersonal relationships. To use a foreigner word is to "know to connect", connect yourself to the profitable things around you, and connect yourself to powerful people. Personally, I don’t think there is anything wrong with speculation. To seize market opportunities, not to kill or violate the law, to improve one’s life and increase market efficiency.

The article seems a bit crooked here. Back to the topic of stocks. I met an old classmate in October 2014. During dinner, I talked about the stock market going up pretty well. It should be a bull market. "The bull market makes money with eyes closed." He remembered this sentence after listening to him spray all night. So acted immediately, opened an account, and started to enter the stock market.

When I first started trading in stocks, my eyes were blackened and I didn't know what stocks to buy. I read some articles, saying that to make money in stocks, you must understand macroeconomics, microeconomics, accounting, psychology, and sociology... I'll rub it! Seeing me sweating all over, I feel that trading in stocks is more difficult than fucking postgraduate entrance examinations. Fortunately, I didn't believe in this set, and I didn't buy any books by such masters as Warren Buffett and Soros. Because my instinct tells me that studying hard at this time is not going to work. When I finish my studies, the cow will run away early. What to do then?

Of course, use the fastest method:Copy homework!


Don't underestimate copying homework, it is not easy to copy well. First of all, you have to find someone who has real skills. This person has to be enough to break the cow. If you copy the cow and break the person, you will be able to break the cow. Copying SB's homework, you are also SB, and you may be fined. I spent about a week to investigate where the great people in the market hide, and finally found:

1. Big bulls in the fund, such as Wang Yawei and Xu Xiang, are more difficult to hook up;

2. The eldest brother in the QQ and WeChat groups, the identification cost is too high, and the smell of cheats is very strong;


3. Big V in the snowball, historical portfolio performance can be referred to, articles and ideas can also be corroborated;

The conclusion is obvious in this way, copy the snowball big V job. So I paid attention to more than 200 big Vs in one go, and after screening, more than 50 were circled. The follow-up matters are much simpler, brush the snowball every day to see the record of these big Vs. If 2-3 big Vs buy a company at the same time, then put this company on the key watch list. Every other week, look back to see which stocks recommended by big V are rising. The following is a simple record:

1. Follow @随我走吧14 to buy a straight flush,Buy more than 20 and sell more than 60, Doubled. Tasted the sweetness, but sold too early, and then the flush rose several times;

2. Follow @zangyn to buy LeTV,Buy more than 30 and sell more than 70, More than doubled (@zangyn Absolute God, his snowball combination performance has doubled by 1 times in 6 months);

3. Follow @Pune's Fragmentation to buy shares of Bairun,Buy over 50, sell over 90. It’s also sold early, this stock is currently more than 150;

4. Follow @压山大世界 to buy emperor new materials, 18 buy 28 sell;

In addition to the tickets that have been made, there are some other tickets, such as banking, medicine, and steel. Because they don't earn a lot, I won't repeat them. So long, long-winded and long-winded, I also answered clearly what I wanted to say. The title says my trick, which can be summed up as "copy homework". Some people may think that the risk of copying homework is too high. My answer to this is:



Classmates, it’s not that the risk of copying homework is high, but whether you can have a snack while copying!

Copy what should be copied, and don't copy what should not. For example, if you broke into the stock market in 2015 and have been firmly holding bank shares, then you can only send you two words "haha". If you still hold high-priced creative stocks, then I can only "haha".

On the issue of buying stocks, I still advocate “resolutely copying.” The probability of becoming a master is too small. If you don't copy, you can only be cut leek. Many people make some money and feel that they have defeated the market. When you are on guard, you will know how stupid you are.

My story is over, do you feel sincerity, guest officer?

Article reprinted from Insight


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