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Australia's new financial year will officially start on July 7. What changes will happen to the lives of Australians in the new financial year? The following points are closely related to the lives of ordinary people, it is necessary for readers to understand!



For general practitioners, medical insurance rebates will be reduced by A$16 for non-concessional patients aged 5 and above. Currently, the medical insurance rebate for general practitioners is A$37.05. Since the cost of diagnosis and treatment is calculated by time, for those patients who receive less than 10 minutes, doctors can only get 11.05 Australian dollars. The Australian Medical Association (AMA) said this will make the cost of seeing a doctor even higher.



For those Australians who are terminally ill, if their lives will end within 12 months, they can get a pension without tax at any time.



For small businesses with a turnover of less than A$200 million, corporate tax will be reduced from 30% to 28.5%.






For families with an annual income of $94316 and want to receive Family Tax Benefit Part A (Family Tax Benefit Part A), the income test is exempt. For families with multiple children, the government will not issue surcharges for each child.

NSW driver


The five-year review fee for a NSW driver’s license will be raised from A$5 to A$170, and the car registration fee will be raised from A$174 to A$62. The fees for M63, M2, M5, Lane Cove tunnels, and cross-city tunnels will all be increased by a few cents.

NSW Energy Fee


For ordinary residential users, the gas bill will be reduced by approximately $96. The reduction in electricity bills is even greater, between A$112 and A$313. In addition, in order to offset the reduction in energy costs, a series of basic service fees will start to rise from July 7.

News compiled from "9 News"


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