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Cherries with imitations of "Tazhou" packaging have appeared on the market in China and Vietnam, and Tazhou cherry growers are fighting back.

Recently, reports of counterfeit Tasmanian cherries in the Asian market have been escalating.

Phil Pyke, business development manager of the Tasmania Fruit Growers Association, said that counterfeit cherries sell better than genuine ones. For every 5 kg of counterfeit cherries sold by merchants, only 1 kg of genuine cherries are sold.

In recent weeks, fruits sold in Vietnam have been exposed to health risks. He said, "They were put in a fake box, and the box would have words related to one of our orchards. Then, it allegedly caused some people to get sick. This worries us deeply."

Pyke said that this issue will be handled directly by the Vietnamese ambassador to Australia.

Lucy Gregg from Reid Fruits in southern Tasmania said that some imitation Reid packaging in China is almost identical to the real packaging.

She said, "We often say that our cherries are LV (Louis Vuitton) cherries in China, because everyone wants to copy us. They put inferior cherries in the box, but insult our brand."

Gregg believes that such imitation problems are widespread.

The growers have made up their minds to solve this problem and make their packaging more difficult to imitate.

The Fruit Growers Association is also seeking legal channels to deal with the problem.

Last year, a Tasmanian lavender farm was also forced to take action. The farm discovered that its teddy bears were counterfeit in China and Australia.

Robert Ravens, owner of Bridestowe Lavender Estate, said this was a difficult and expensive operation. He said, “You have to protect your brand. This is the most fundamental, but it is costly.”

Article reprinted from 1668.com.au


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