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Take a small train from Adelaide to Darwin, which will take you across Australia's north and south continents

The-Ghan  the-ghan-train-australia-3  railmag-2The-Ghan-landscape

Train name: "汗" (The Ghan)

Full name: The Afghan Express

Starting point: Adelaide, South Australia

Terminal: Darwin, Northern Territory

Length of route: 2979 kilometers

Average speed: 85 km/h

Time-consuming: three days and two nights (54 hours)


The north-south route is beautiful all the way. Take the train "Khan" on this wonderful journey and watch the scenery outside the window gradually change from the plains of South Australia, to the rolling hills, to the desert, the rust-red red central part. To the tropical scenery of Darwin in the far north. The nature and wildness of central Australia gave this trip more mystery.

Why is the symbol of the train "sweat" a camel?


Everyone should have a question, why the symbol of the train "Khan" in this fantasy journey is a camel. Because the first group to complete the feat of crossing the deserts of the Australian continent were the Afghans and the camels they brought. In the desert, when all the camels meet end to end, they look like a train on the distant horizon. Now, this train takes batch after batch of tourists down the road that camels walked a hundred years ago.

This train line runs 2979 kilometers and cost more than one billion U.S. dollars. The "Khan" train is not only one of the world's most difficult sightseeing trains with long distances and rich landscapes, but also a very comfortable long-distance train travel route in the world.

Train private room:

There are exquisite private rooms on the train, divided into ordinary, luxurious, and platinum supreme. The dining car provides a wealth of food for everyone. The dining car also has multiple sections, just like multiple different mobile restaurants. There are more than two showers in each carriage, all of which make the long-distance trip lasting 3 days comfortable and pleasant. In addition, the railway company also specializes in the famous inland scenic spots Alice spring and Katherine for 3-4 hours to stop for sightseeing. Passengers can join the tour group organized by the railway company or walk around at will.

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aus_ghan_restaurant_carr OldGhan_interior

According to different levels, it is divided into sitting tickets and sleeping tickets; sleeping tickets are divided into ordinary, luxurious, and platinum levels. When the morning sun shines into the car window or watching the sunset, I walk with "sweat" in the vast inland. Look at the rare wild animals outside the window. You will feel that everything is so beautiful.

You can book tickets on the official website.


Australian local phone: 1800 703357

International call: +61 8 8213 4401

Latest timetable

Adelaide To Alice Springs To Darwin schedule:


Darwin To Alice Springs To Adelaide schedule:

Darwin To Adelaide Timetable (4-day itinerary):


Latest price list

The latest price list 01/04/2015 to 31/03/2016

Adult fare:

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Backpacker/student fare:

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