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With well-groomed curly hair, shiny leather shoes and stiff striped shirt, John Leonard Fitzgerald looks and sounds like a passionate speaker on the Gold Coast.

"I assure you that the next hour will be the most important hour in your financial career." He used this as his opening remarks, introducing his 10-year wealth management plan to the audience, which can cost A$15 The initial investment received a return of 1200%.

The founder of the JLF group named John Leonard Fitzgerald is using an Australian green card as a gimmick in the conference hall of a 4-star hotel in China, and spares no effort to let his audience understand that wealth and happiness The secret lies in the land and house packages in Melton and Sunbury in the remote west of Melbourne.


He showed the audience his wealth accumulation data, which was translated into Chinese by Maggie Zhang, his China operations manager. However, in his presentation, Fitzgerald compared the opportunity to purchase a real estate with the opportunity to quickly immigrate to Australia. He quoted a client's data saying that although this client just invested last year, he has now started to buy a third set of real estate. He said, "His purpose is to buy 10 properties in Australia, which is to make him eligible for an Australian visa so that he can get an Australian passport."

However, can I really get an Australian visa or passport by buying 10 properties sold by JLF Group?

Immigration lawyers made it clear that it is impossible to apply for a green card when buying a house directly. At the same time, we remind domestic real estate investors and immigration applicants not to mix the two together. The immigration bureau will not issue you a green card depending on how many houses you have bought.

At the recent international real estate fairs held in major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, Australian developers and intermediaries were everywhere, targeting wealthy Chinese investors. Many people publish misleading information that they can get permanent residency status by buying a house in Australia.

On the other hand, Australian first home buyers worry about the affordability of the property. An apartment in Beijing and Shanghai can easily exchange millions of Australian dollars. The decline in Australian dollars and lower loan interest rates have boosted the Chinese people. Purchasing power. Australian real estate is no longer the patent of the wealthy in China. They have also become an investment option for the middle class.

An Australian Chinese real estate agent will tell their buyers that if there are Chinese in the auction, the price of the real estate auction may be high. He said: "If there are Chinese participating in the auction, you just give up on the spot. The Chinese don't care how much it costs, they will buy as long as they want to buy."

As competition in China's large coastal cities has become increasingly fierce, many developers have begun to penetrate China's inland cities. Fitzgerald not only used visas as a selling point, he also cited Australia's growing population, insufficient supply of new homes, and high housing prices in previous years. And the 7 secrets of investment, he claimed to be hidden in the book he just published.

Zhang, the China operations manager of JLF, said that they have experience in helping clients purchase real estate immigration. She said that customers can register a company, use it to purchase real estate, buy once every three months, and accumulate 8 houses in two years. The initial investment only needs 80 yuan. "This is just an ordinary real estate investment company. The purpose is to buy land, build houses, and rent. Then after two years, your own company can guarantee it, and then you can have PR."

She said: "It is not because you immigrate when you buy a house, but your company is a real estate development company and you provide guarantees to help immigrate."

The lawyer stated that employers guaranteeing immigration requires the company to meet the guarantee qualifications and then nominate a suitable position. The applicant must meet the academic and work experience requirements of the nominated position. This kind of simple registration of an Australian company to buy a house makes it difficult to obtain a guarantee qualification and nominated occupation from the Immigration Bureau. Even if it is obtained, not every real estate investor is engaged in the real estate industry in China, and it is difficult to obtain a work visa. Even if a work visa is obtained, whether the employer can nominate immigration after two years is still a big unknown. After all, the Immigration Bureau will not easily approve small companies to nominate high-paying positions of more than A$18. We can see that this kind of house-buying immigration is purely a big flicker.

Now the Australian real estate company has been paying close attention to the fat meat of China. They all use the gimmick of Chinese compatriots to apply for an Australian green card to cheat Chinese people into buying houses. The Chinese who have lived in Melbourne for a long time know that the West End is the most chaotic area of ​​traffic and order in Melbourne. Buying a house here is undoubtedly putting a time bomb on your personal safety. Our domestic compatriots must be careful about these Australian real estate propaganda and don't believe it for the green card. False propaganda is to lose the wife and lose the soldiers. I hope today’s news can tell Chinese friends at home and abroad not to believe in simple house-buying immigration! !

News compiled from "Sydney Morning Herald"


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