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First, come prepared.

Whenever you buy stocks, you must figure out the reason for buying and calculate the target for shipment. Never go in blindly to buy, then blindly wait for the rise, and then blindly get stuck.

Second, a stop loss point must be established.

All huge losses are due to the fact that there is no stop loss point when entering the market. The stop loss point must be implemented. Even if you are stuck right after buying, if you find a mistake, you should sell it. Long-term investments must be stocks with long-term stock prices. Once they fall for a long time, they must be sold!

Third, we are not afraid of falling and heavy volume.

It is not terrible for some stocks to fall for no reason. The terrible thing is the enlargement of trading volume. In particular, products with a large number of main holdings should definitely not have huge trading volume. If they do, they will probably be the main shipments. Therefore, be extremely cautious about sudden heavy volume in any situation.

Fourth, reject the bardo line.

Regardless of whether the market or individual stocks, if you find that it has fallen below the strong support recognized by the public, and there is a trend of closing the Yin line that day, you must be vigilant. Especially stocks that are trending well, once the bardoline appears, it may trigger panic among midline position holders and sell them in large quantities.

Sometimes, even if the main force does not want to ship, it cannot support the stock price. In the end, it will inevitably fall. Sometimes the main force will take the opportunity to ship. Therefore, no matter in which case, you should consider shipping when you see the bardoline.

Fifth, recognize only one technical indicator, and slip away immediately when you find something wrong.

It's useless to give you 100 technical indicators. Sometimes you study an indicator thoroughly, and you also have a stock's trend in your mind. If you find that the market has broken the key support, you will leave immediately.

Sixth, do not buy problematic stocks.

To buy a stock, look at its fundamentals and see if there are any concerns, especially a few important indicators, to prevent sudden changes in fundamentals. In the case of bad fundamentals, intervene cautiously and be alert at any time.

Seventh, the fundamentals obey the technical aspects.

No matter how good the stock is, it will fall if its shape is bad, and no matter how bad the stock is, it can rise even if its shape is good. Even if a large amount of capital is used for investment, the form should be at least 30% or more if the form is broken. Wait for the form to be repaired before buying.

There should be no superstition in any stocks. You can be loyal to your family, friends, and the motherland, and loyal to stocks is stupid. Someone bought SDB 10 years ago and has not sold it today. I think it is not desirable. Because if you are really optimistic about it, you should sell it at the right price and buy it at the right price. Holding stocks all the time is a manifestation of laziness.

Don’t worry if the stock market is stuck, experts offer three strategies

In a bull market, stocks will still be locked up and can be seen everywhere at any time. "Fixed" means that the cost of stocks bought by stockholders is higher than the price that can be sold today. At this time, selling will definitely lose money. Therefore, ordinary stockholders cannot bear to sell at a loss, so they will be caught in it.

"Lock-up" is divided into popular stock lock-up, common stock lock-up and passive high-position lock-up. Different lock-up situations have different ways to solve the lock-up. After being locked up, if you want to get rid of the set, you need to turn passive to active and change your stock market investment thinking.

Popular stock solutions

After the hot stocks are locked up, if you want to solve the arbitrage, first go through the densely traded area to determine the position of the stock's rebound, and then determine the timing of the stock's rebound based on the volume-price relationship. If the popular stocks you buy are rising quickly, on the contrary, they will fall quickly.

If the stock drops by 10%, it is not easy to cover up the position, let alone increase the position at the same cost. Premature replenishment of the position will often lead to “out of stock”. In the future rebound or upward trend of the market, the original hot spot is likely to follow the trend like ordinary stocks, so you should not be too eager at this time and wait for the changes.

Common stock unwind strategy

Compared with popular stocks, common stocks are slightly better. However, it takes longer for common stocks to unblock. You can shorten the period of common stocks through high selling and stock swaps. Ordinary investors who buy common stocks, as long as they are not the unpopular stocks they buy, as long as they have long-term patience and perseverance, they will definitely succeed in the future. They must not take risks and treat unpopular stocks as hot stocks.

Strategies for high stocks

High-position stocks, that is, investment buys stocks at high positions, and then encounters stock declines and serious losses. Once the high-profile stocks are trapped, don't worry about solving them.

Once an investor is caught at a high position, the best way to solve the arbitrage should be to "pull down the cost", lighten up the position at rallies, and then replenish the same position at a low position, so as to reduce the price of the arbitrage and minimize their losses. Especially suitable for short-term quilt cover. Of course, it is not impossible to cover up or lighten up the position, but the risk may be higher, which is more suitable for investors with more experience in stock trading.

The stock price was expected to rise, but after buying it, it fell, so it is common for the stock market to be quilted. Therefore, ordinary investors should be careful when investing in the stock market and choose stocks carefully. If you are stuck, you should turn passive to proactive based on the stuck situation, actively seek out strategies for settlement, or consult investment experts. If the stocks you hold are good quality and blue-chip stocks and the overall investment market is good, it is recommended not to panic, let alone sell them quickly. You should hold them for a long period of time, in order to remain unchanged, and wait for the stock price to recover and make profits.

(The opinions in this article are for reference only and do not constitute investment advice)

Article reprinted from the perspective of politics and business


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