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On a holiday afternoon, nothing is more exciting than a piece of ice cream sandwich and coffee in winter. With various flavors of ice cream and a crispy skin, the fatigue disappears the moment you bite it. The main ingredients of ice cream sandwiches are milk, cheese, butter, flour, etc. This can be regarded as a very indulgent food for those who lose weight. After eating, there will be a deep sense of guilt, but it will still be difficult to resist its temptation. Now let me take a look at the popular ice cream sandwiches in Melbourne!

My Two Mums


My Two Mums, run by Ellie Marin, was in a food truck in the 60s and has been focusing on making ice cream sandwiches. It was a huge success since it opened last year! So she quickly opened a branch in Richmond and plans to continue to expand her business! There are as many as 10 ice cream flavors, including salted caramel chocolate, white chocolate, and raspberry! Cookies also include gingerbread, chocolate biscuits, etc. You can also choose to add your own chocolate bar, honey or wine~ of course there are also vegetarian and gluten-free options!

Address: Food truck at Preston Markets (corner Cramer and Murray Streets, Preston) and pop-up at the Swan Street Chamber of Commerce, 214-216 Swan Street, Richmond.




Coda and Tonka's chef Adam D'Sylva has long said that everyone can't refuse ice cream, which is why his ice cream sandwich has never left Coda's menu in 6 years. According to the season and the changes in the ingredients of the season, the taste of his ice cream and smoothies changes every day this week! Two full scoops of ice cream are sandwiched between a pile of crunchy skins~ Mango, honey and coconut flavors are recommended for ice cream. It is worth mentioning that the crispy skin of this restaurant is very special, it is black sesame flower type. For example, D'Sylva said, some Vietnamese girls specially provided him!

Address: Basement, 141 Flinders Lane, Melbourne


Bluebonnet BBQ


Texas-style barbecue has long dominated Melbourne's dinner plate, and now, southern American desserts are swept over menacingly! Based on years of work and life experience in the United States, Bluebonnet’s owner and chef Chris Terlikar creatively launched the smoked bacon and maple syrup ice cream! Just think about it, the meringue made of chocolate biscuits with smoked maple syrup and bacon-flavored ice cream in the middle is absolutely delicious! The maple syrup used in the store is all made at home, and the ice cream is also made by the chef with bacon and vanilla ice cream base. You always know this ice cream must be tried just by hearing the name!

Address: 187 Johnston Street, Collingwood


Jock's Ice Cream


A few years ago, Jock Main, an ice cream logo located in Albert Park, had been thinking about how to make his ice cream business as hot as ever in the cold winter? In the end, he came up with the idea of ​​adding a layer of baked cookies on the outside of the ice cream, so Jock's ice cream sandwich was born, and it will be sold out every weekend! Tsunderely, the ice cream sandwiches here are only available from Halloween to September. The store offers a variety of flavored biscuits to match their award-winning ice cream. Chocolate biscuits with banana ice cream, malt biscuits with vanilla ice cream. Of course, you can also choose the "Deluxe Edition", just add a bit of everything!

Address: 83 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park



Chef Daniel Wilson's improvisation of ice cream sandwiches can absolutely make every Melburnian addicted, as can be seen from their order rate of hundreds of ice cream sandwiches every week! He uses very large crispy biscuits. For ice cream, you can choose chocolate brownies, pistachios and fresh raspberries. Of course, the flavor of the ice cream filling is changed regularly. One of the most eye-catching combinations recently is smoked chocolate ice cream with cocoa beans, rich dark chocolate and sea salt!

Address: 131 Smith Street, Fitzroy,


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