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According to "Traveller", the summer has passed and the cold winter is approaching, but everyone's enthusiasm for the beach is unabated. In a country like Tai O, where beaches are everywhere, the beaches in winter also have a special flavor. I want to play like the locals. Go to the beach and take a look at our recommendations!

1. Rainbow Beach, Queensland


Imagine what the beach is like in summer? Countless families are crowded on the beach. There is no room for free activities, let alone a romantic stroll or a horseback ride on the beach. If you are so self-willed to do this on the beach in summer, you will definitely It caused a big riot, but in winter you will be completely free. The 23-kilometer coastline here is enough for you to ride a horse, or swiftly or slowly enjoy the true feeling of romance. If you like to drive off-road vehicles, this is also allowed!


2. Cable Beach, Western Australia

Recommendation: a romantic stroll


Feel that winter is too cold to go out, let alone go to the beach? Broome can completely bring you back to a warm state. The outdoor temperature here in winter is around 30 degrees, and the water temperature is also super suitable for entering the water. It is the right place to find the feeling of spring and summer in winter. Walking on the 22-kilometer-long beach is simply enjoyable. If you are tired from walking, you can climb on a camel to enjoy the view of the first grade. Don’t miss the perfect sunset here!

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3. Belongil Beach, NSW

Recommendation: book lovers


Belongil is located near Byron Bay and has a different style from other beaches. Every August there is a special event that attracts everyone’s attention, that is, the Byron Bay Writers Festival, which is only a few minutes away from this beach. , After listening to the interviews given by my favorite writers, then taking a walk on the beach, it is very refreshing!


4. Hope Beach, Tasmania

Recommendation: Watch the Aurora


Everyone knows that Tasmania is surprisingly cold in winter. What kind of comfortable experience can you have when you go to the beach? Everyone must also know that only high latitudes can see the aurora phenomenon, and because there are almost no traces of pollution, the aurora seen is the most psychedelic, and the aurora seen on the extremely open beach is even more Spectacular, all you need is a thick blanket and a thermos to keep warm, and the rest is to look up!


5. Cape Woolamai, Victoria

Recommendation: Surfing


Although the winter here on Phillip Island is also relatively cold, real surfers can completely forget the temperature when they see the perfect waves here, and Woolamai is one of the easiest places to see the perfect waves, not recommended Really regret.


6. Balmoral Beach, NSW

Recommendation: breakfast


Of course, everyone likes to hug their lover to keep warm on cold winter days, but you have to fill your stomach before you have the strength to do other things. A delicious breakfast can definitely inject a good mood for the day. While tasting the delicious breakfast, you can watch The waves outside the window can only be enjoyed in the morning at Bathers' Pavilion Café in Balmoral Beach!


7. Smalleys Beach, Queensland

Recommendation: camping


Although everyone thinks it’s cold in winter, Queensland, where most parts of the country have a tropical climate, has no such concerns. It is still suitable for all kinds of camping activities, especially in Smalleys Beach. If you go camping at a high point, one side is Beautiful coral reef, dense rain forest on the other side, and there are more than 150 kinds of birds in Cape Hillsborough National Park, where you can see kangaroos and wallabies every morning!


8. Bawaka, Northern Territory

Recommendation: In-depth appreciation of folk life


Interested in the lives of indigenous people?Here you can appreciate it, listen to the stories handed down by their ancestors, appreciate traditional art, and experience the pleasure of fishing and harvesting oysters. Lirrwi Tourism will provide a week of tours in the winter, and there are ladies special trips!

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9. Hanson Bay, Kangaroo Island

Recommendation: Watch the storm


Nowhere is the weather more varied than on Kangaroo Island. There are often storms that come suddenly, and watching the waves violently beat the cliffs is really spectacular and terrifying. Of course, if you are fascinated by these, look for it. Concentrate in a warm and nice place. The best place is Southern Ocean Lodge.

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10. Logans Beach, Victoria

Recommendation: watching whales


Everyone thinks that winter is too cold, so all kinds of reluctance to move, but there is a creature that will move more frequently during this period, that is, whales, every winter whales will gather on the coast of Australia to produce small whales and wait for their babies Gradually grow up and eventually return to the vast ocean. Logans Beach is the best place to watch this process. There is a viewing platform here. Fortunate tourists may also see big whales within 100 meters!

Article reprinted from Yi Yi Network


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