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Australian Immigration Assistant Minister Michaelia Cash and Education Minister Christopher Pyne recently issued a joint statement: Australia will adopt a new student visa policy—Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF) to support the country’s international education industry. .

The new student visa policy includes two major aspects

1. Reduce student visa categories:


2. Simplify student visa review:
A simplified "single immigration risk index framework" is used to review student visa risks in all countries. According to the original immigration risk index framework, the risk of visas has always been judged by country, that is, different visa categories in different countries have different visa review requirements.


Australian Assistant Minister of Immigration Michaelia Cash said that the introduction of the SSVF visa management system will benefit a lot. It will not only maintain the overall reliability of the student visa system, but the improved legal requirements will also avoid unnecessary costs and burdens for schools.

Australian Minister of Education Christopher Pyne said: “Australia will further open its doors to do business and welcome international students who really want to study in Australia and high-quality international students to study here. Australia’s international education industry provides a strong stimulus and support for the country’s economic development. It also strengthens the country’s labor market and at the same time strengthens the bilateral relations between the country and other countries!"

How will the new student visa policy work?

1. When will the new student visa policy come into effect?

The SSVF visa framework will start on July 2015, 7!

2. Who does the new student visa policy apply to?

The SSVF visa framework will replace the current visa processing system SVP (Streamlined Visa Processing) and visa risk assessment level framework ALF (Assessment Level Framwork). This simplified international student visa framework will apply to students from various countries.

3.How does the new student visa policy work?

The SSVF visa framework will list the requirements for financial guarantee and English proficiency for students; these requirements again depend on two major factors:

(1) Which country the student is from;

(2) Which school the student will attend in Australia.

The following is the original text of the new student visa policy
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Editor's comment: It seems that studying in Australia is going to become popular again! ! !

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