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前联合国秘书长安南(Kofi Annan)批评澳洲在气候变化问题上“搭便车”,已经落后于那些采取了“可靠”行动以遏制温室气体排放的一长串国家。

In the 2015 Africa Progress Group report, Australia, Canada, Japan, and Russia were collectively listed as “beyond the ranks of countries that have managed to deal with dangerous climate change”.

Australia is one of the countries with the highest per capita emissions in the world, and the report says Australia has gone from a “leader in climate diplomacy to a free-rider”.


能源顾问公司Pitt & Sherry周四发表的一份独立报告说,在2014年6月取消碳税后的头九个月,澳洲的碳排放量只上涨了1.6%,主要是由于褐煤发电厂的碳排放量反弹所致。煤炭、石油和天然气的碳排放量均出现了自2011年11月以来的首次上涨。

The Africa report stated that Australia, the United States and the European Union should aim to expand emissions reductions by 2030 and achieve zero emissions by 2050, while China—the country with the largest carbon emissions—should propose the peak of its plan.

Although the focus of the report is that there are 6 million people on the African continent without electricity, it also pointed out that since Africa is vulnerable to extreme weather and its people are generally poor, it is interested in reducing the risk of global warming.

Paris pressure

The Albert government may face increasing international pressure to make more efforts to curb carbon emissions at the Paris Climate Summit at the end of this year. Australia is the only country to abolish carbon prices, and this week, the House of Representatives secretly voted to pass a bill to cut renewable energy to 2020% of total energy by 20.

环境部长亨特(Greg Hunt)的发言人说,虽然如此,但政府正在采取“显著的行动以应对气候变化”。

耗资25.5亿元的减排基金(Emissions Reduction Fund)在4月份的第一场拍卖会上以平均每吨13.95元的价格购买了4700万吨的减排份额。

"The share of emissions reductions we have already reached is four times that of the labor party's failed carbon tax - and the cost is only one percent," the spokesperson said.

绿党气候变化发言人沃特斯(Larissa Waters)保释,艾伯特政府一直无视科学,与世界其他国家的差距越来越大。

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