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According to a report by The Australian on Tuesday, the Albert government is actively considering conducting Australia's own military exercises near China's artificial islands built in disputed waters in the South China Sea to maintain "freedom of navigation."

It is reported that the government is reviewing all the plans, but the most likely plan is to comfortably send a P-3 maritime reconnaissance plane, which may fly over the former Australian military base in Butterworth in northern Malaysia.

The Royal Australian Air Force aircraft will fly within 12 nautical miles (22 kilometers) of an artificial island built by China, and Beijing will definitely respond.

China’s response is expected to be similar to that received by the United States. On May 5 this year, a U.S. P-20 reconnaissance plane flew over Yongshu Island in the Nansha Islands. There was also a CNN TV staff on board that took pictures of Beijing’s Large-scale construction projects, sand dredging and land reclamation.China has repeatedly ordered the U.S. aircraft to "leave immediately," but has not taken any other actions.

Australia originally ruled out P-3 reconnaissance planes from flying into the Vietnam Sea regularly.

A series of statements by Albert, Secretary of Defense Andrews, and Secretary of Defense Dennis Richardson (Dennis Richardson) made it clear that Cantin opposed Beijing's construction of artificial islands.

China has territorial disputes with countries including Vietnam and the Philippines in most parts of the South China Sea.

Federal government lawyers believe that any "free flight" by Australian aircraft is in compliance with international law, because only land visible at high tide has territorial rights, such as the 12-nautical-mile territorial waters.

As a result, Cantin can show that it has no standing ground for which country's sovereignty claims over the South China Sea islands are valid, but no matter who built these artificial islands, Australia can fly freely over them.In addition to territorial rights, "free navigation" is a principle of international law to prevent countries from interfering with the navigation of ships or aircraft carrying the flags of other sovereign states.

The federal government has not yet decided to take this action, but the possibility of approval is high after consideration, and Cantin is carefully weighing any possible actions.

Sending a P-3 reconnaissance plane is much faster than sending an Australian navy ship to sail through the above waters, because the former is easier to arrange in a short time.However, it is believed that naval warships may also sail within 12 nautical miles of Chinese artificial islands in the next few months.

The decision to send an aircraft or ship is unlikely to be seen as part of any US-led operation.

News compiled from "The Australian"


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