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The latest data shows that Bourke St has the highest crime rate in Melbourne, with an average of more than 30 crimes occurring every week.

Last year, nearly 1.2 crimes occurred in the Melbourne CBD. According to the Crime Statistics Agency, 1674 incidents occurred on Bourke St, which has the highest crime rate among the 18 streets in the city center. Swanston, Flinders, Lonsdale and Elizabeth Street also entered the top five with the highest crime rate.

The Herald Sun filmed two men fighting on the corner of Flinders and Elizabeth streets earlier on Sunday. The police had to use chili spray to prevent the situation from spreading.

However, the city-wide crime rate in Melbourne has remained unchanged, and even has a downward trend. Victorian detective police officer Paul Binyon said that the population is increasing, but the crime rate has not risen, which is a great improvement.

He said: "We use smart means to find out where crimes are high, time periods and main trends. This way we can deploy police officers more efficiently. We are committed to creating a good environment to ensure the safety of everyone. So that they can live comfortably in this city."

Mexico City Mayor Robert Doyle said: “We know that the more prosperous the area is, the easier it is for crimes to occur. This is why we have to install sophisticated CCTV cameras in the city’s'hot spots'.”

Swanston St is the street with the highest rate of personal assault in the city, with 223 incidents this year, the highest in five years. Only 65 incidents occurred on the notorious King St. The streets with the highest drug crime rates are Flinders Lane and Flinders St.

Many fights and attacks are caused by alcohol. The police who maintain law and order are often threatened and attacked.

News compiled from "The Herald Sun"


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