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Some things are destined to be paired together to have a feeling ~ such as cookies and cream, such as Brandon and Brenda, another example, fried chicken and beer~~ In a blink of an eye, Melbourne has entered the snowy season again, delicious fried chicken and beer. Where is it? Quickly follow the editor to take a look!

Fried Chicken



This is a Korean restaurant that always queues up, and almost all the people in the queue come for fried chicken and beer! Every time I am frightened by the long queue, my legs are soft~ but the long queue is worth it! If this fried chicken says that he is the second place in Melbourne, I guess he would not dare to say that he is the first, right?

电话 : 9671 3232

Address: Shop G, 535 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne;

100 Little Lonsdale Street & basement, 26 King Street, Melbourne



Ayam Panggang of kunyit uses lemongrass and chicken marinated and roasted to fragrant, making it extremely complex. Lemongrass is a tropical aromatic grass that is native to Asia, and it is found in tropical regions such as India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Africa. It is a major feature of Southeast Asian cuisine, especially with a refreshing lemon fragrance.

Address: 283 Doncaster Road, Balwyn North VIC 3104

Phone: 03 9816 3292

Shyun Ramen Bar


Shyun Ramen Bar’s snacks are worth trying-fried chicken chops, octopus balls, fried tofu, these classic Japanese appetizers are all very well done~ their noodles are very strong, plus the ramen soup is very tasty and the portion is also Full, I am very satisfied every time I finish eating. (Secretly telling you, don’t forget to have a matcha ice cream from his house after dinner, great~)

Address: 73 Koornang Rd Carnegie, VIC

Phone: 03 8394 5971

CJ Lunchbar


The chef at CJ Lunch bar cuts the chicken into small pieces, then grills them with a unique Korean hot sauce, and then sprinkles them with thick cheese. The cheese gradually softens because of the heat. At this time, the grilled chicken with Korean spicy sauce is incredibly fragrant.

Address: Shop2, 391 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne

Phone: 03 9602 1155

Yami Yami


This restaurant’s special dish "fried chicken" ~ diners can choose the size of the plate. The chef fries the spicy chicken in front of you with some vegetables. You can also add cheese, rice cakes and fans by yourself. Remember Get more friends to eat together, the portion is so big!

City Store Address: 398 Lonsdale St Melbourne

电话 : 03 96703323


Mountain Goat Brewery


If you like a light beer brewed from delicious wheat, Richmond’s Mountain Goat Brewery is perfect for you~ It is open to the public every Wednesday and Friday, offering special and professional beers~ if you like For local beer, the Two Step cider in this store is also good!

Address: 80 North Street. Richmond, 3121 VIC

Phone: 03 9428 1180


Temple Brewing Co.


If Melbourne is to choose the most stylish craft beer, it would be Temple Brewing Co.! From their latest Bicycle beer to the classic Rye Hard IPA, each of their beer has become a market winner as soon as it is launched! The beer here is not only sold directly, but also supplied to various events in Melbourne, and various manufacturers! Occasionally, beer tours are held~ There are so many activities!

Address: 122 Weston Street, Brunswick East, 3057 VIC

Phone: 03 9380 8999


3 Ravens Brewery


Thornbury’s 3 Ravens craft beer brewery has Melbourne’s best traditional craft beer. At last year’s Australian International Beer Awards, they won the Best English Ale award! This shop is not open to the public, but it does not mean that it is never open to the public~ So foodies from all walks of life must seize every opportunity to open! To tell you secretly, there will be a wine tasting event here every month!

Address: 1 Theobald Street, Thornbury, 3071 VIC

Phone: 03 9495 1026


Moon Dog Craft Brewery


Abbotsford’s craft beer shop Moon Dog has Melbourne’s most creative beer ~ as long as you can think of the taste, you can find it here! Bloody Mary red ale? Have! Watermelon infused weisse beer? There are too! In short, if you are interested in discovering new flavors, you can come here regularly~ you will not be disappointed! In addition to beer, the store also offers delicious pizza!

Address: 17 Duke Street, Abbotsford, VIC 3067

Phone: 03 9428 2307


Two Birds Brewing


Spotswood的Two Birds Brewing有着非常美味的精酿啤酒,店家就是希望让所有来店里的人都满意而归!Rockwell & Sons的厨师队伍负责了这家店的食物,就是说你来这里喝酒的话,食物的品质也不会太差哦!无论是下午还是晚上,无论是学习还是小酌,这里都是不二的选择!值得一提的是,店里还推出了Taco beer,冰镇一下配上墨西哥食物一起吃,简直绝配!

Address: 136 Hall Street, Spotswood, 3015 VIC

Phone: 03 9762 0000


The article is reproduced from Dianping-Melbourne station, edited and compiled by "Tang Ren Dai"


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