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The front is completely nude, love scenes, you may not expect to see these on TV in broad daylight. But yesterday Channel Seven did such an amazing thing, presenting a large-scale passionate youth film of the XNUMXs to the audience.
The noon movie broadcast on Channel XNUMX on Thursday is a classic old film called "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" (Fast Times at Ridgemont High), starring Sean Penn and Jennifer Jason Leigh.
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The movie is about the promiscuous life of a group of high school students, full of explicit nudity, drug abuse and sex scenes, including masturbation, oral sex and full frontal nudity.

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It is understood that this film was rated M in Australia and is only suitable for adult audiences.

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According to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (Australian Communications and Media Authority) regulations, M-level content cannot be broadcast on TV before 8:XNUMXpm.

However, due to various loopholes, Radio 12 broadcasted adult content on TV from 3 noon to XNUMX pm. During this time, most children were not at home at school.

However, it seems that the TV station's "careful" arrangement did not disgust the audience. It is understood that the headquarters of Radio No. XNUMX did not receive any feedback during and after the broadcast of the pornographic film.

Movie plot introduction :

Stacy is a freshman in the school. She has been persuaded by classmate Linda to dedicate her virginity early, and her brother is determined to create a career in the school's fast food industry. At the same time, there is also a boy, Spike Chang, who fought against the severe history teacher Han De, and made jokes, thus revealing the attitudes of modern men and women towards sex, drugs, and rock music.

BTW~ By the way~

Nicholas Cage also ran a runaway in this film~~~ So young~ I was 17 years old~~


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