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After decades of waiting, China and Australia formally signed a free trade agreement today. According to Australian media reports, as many as 95% of Australia's exports to China will gradually eliminate tariffs. Of these products, how many of them are related to the lives of ordinary people?

Australia has a vast territory and a variety of food. Fresh seafood, tender beef and lamb, good cheese and olive oil, as well as mellow and refreshing Australian beer and high-quality red wine... After the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement takes effect, tariffs on Australian food will generally be reduced. Foodies, are you ready?

China's tariff reduction and exemption on important Australian products
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In addition, Australian cowhide, sheepskin, crocodile leather and other high-end shoes and bags that have been discouraging Chinese consumers. Due to the reduction and exemption of leather tariffs in the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement, Chinese shoppers no longer have to go through overseas shopping or Friends purchase the way to satisfy their desire for shopping. It is reported that,The 14% tariff on Australian leather will be cancelled within 2 years at the earliest.It will be more convenient to buy Australian specialties.

In addition, after the agreement is signed, Australia will add 77 educational institutions that can accept Chinese overseas students, andThe visa approval process will also become cheaper and simpler,It has greatly facilitated the people of the two countries to travel, work and study in each other's countries.

At the same time, Australia also provides 18 short-term jobs or training opportunities per year to Chinese citizens aged 30-5000, and provides 1800 entry quotas per year for qualified Chinese medicine practitioners, Chinese teachers, Chinese chefs and martial arts instructors. Hurry up and learn

Article reprinted fromXinmin Evening News


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