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The head of the Australian intelligence agency revealed a map of the suburbs where terrorist recruitment is most active in Sydney and Melbourne.

Duncan Lewis, director of the Australian security and intelligence agency ASIO, reported to Prime Minister Albert Ebert an update on the security situation in Iraq and Syria in Canberra.

Some of the content of this meeting allowed media photography and video. Lewis showed Albert a colorful ASIO area, including the distribution of Australians going overseas to fight for terrorists.

"This map shows which areas of Melbourne and Sydney have the most people going to the Middle East." Lewis said.

The map opened on the table in front of Albert showed that Lidcombe, Greenacre, Punchbowl, Bankstown, Auburn and Lakemba in Sydney and Craigieburn and Campbellfield in Melbourne were all highlighted.

A spokesperson for ASIO subsequently confirmed that these documents are for "official use" and should not be published.

In the briefing, Lewis explained to Albert that the map will be used to determine the focus of the government's anti-radicalization efforts.

Lewis also confirmed the number of Australian jihadists in Iraq and Syria.

"The number of people there is around 120, while there are about 160 people providing support in the country."

News compiled from "ABC News"


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