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Within a day, without any symptoms, the editor’s circle of friends was swiped: “I’m in Shanghai, I’m in Beijing, I’m in Chongqing..., all of China is swiping the screen! I support the death penalty for child trafficking and demand Enter your fingerprints on your household registration. The loss of a child, the separation of flesh and blood, and the broken family are a lifetime pain that can never be remedied! It is recommended that the country change the legal provisions on trafficking of children! Trafficking of children is sentenced to death!! Buying a child is sentenced to life!!! Kill! The children have no chance to start all over again, so why give the traffickers a chance to change!!! Don’t ask for praise, but just spread! [Struggle]".Why are so many friends reposting and shouting? Take a look at this article—

Question: Why do you sell children?

Answer: Money comes quickly and is relatively simple.

Question: Don’t you know it’s a crime?

Answer: Isn't it just a child? They can regenerate!

Q: How many times have you participated in the crime of trafficking in children? How many abducted at most?

Answer: I can't remember, they sell several of them every month. It seemed that I had abducted 3-4 at most at a time, I can't remember.

Question: Where are the trafficked children?

Answer: There are all over the country, and there are special people selling them, so I am responsible for the abduction. The person above did not allow me to know the whereabouts of the children, saying that they were afraid that the police would find them.

Question: Your modus operandi?

Answer: If you are coaxed to listen, you will deceive, if you are too clever, you will rob, if you are not obedient, you will be stunned and taken away. Adults will start without paying attention.

Question: Have you thought about what will happen to those children?

A: I don't know where it was sold. I was only responsible for the abduction. I don’t know what urban and rural areas can be specified.

Question: Did you target some children to commit crimes?

A: Just pay attention to those who look healthy, and those who are well-dressed. Only with good quality can sell for good money. Even the children of the rich cannot sell for more money.

Question: Have you ever killed children in the process of trafficking?

Answer: (Silent for a while, nodding) The baby cried too loudly and almost recruited people. Being afraid of things with me, the baby was thrown into the river. He did it, not me!

In the face of every sentence he answered, our hearts were bleeding. What shocked us was that he no longer remembered how many children had been sold, and how many families had been broken, and his teeth tickled with hatred just thinking about it!

The editor just wants to say that if you die ten thousand times, the traffickers are not enough for the common people to be angry. The friends you see, tell your friends around you to see what the damn traffickers think!

This is a mother's narrative:

If the daughter was still with her, she would be 16 years old now. That day, my daughter was 5 years old and went downstairs to play after lunch. Because my daughter usually played near the sand pool downstairs and could see it at home, we were relieved to let her play alone. As I washed the dishes and chopsticks and stood on the balcony to dry the clothes, I suddenly saw a strange woman talking to my daughter, and I took out something from my body to give her daughter to eat, but the daughter did not refuse, opened it and put it in her mouth. Licking.

I felt nervous and worried that my child would encounter a bad person, so I threw the clothes I was holding back into the washing machine and hurried out the door. However, when I ran downstairs, there was no one in the sand pool. When I searched the entire community like a madman, I even ran into the street crying and calling my daughter's name, but no one answered... From then on, my daughter was like this Disappeared from my life, silently.

One year, when I went to Wuhan on a business trip, I met a disfigured child who was crying at me. My heart was struggling, and on impulse, I led the child to the police station. Later it was confirmed that this child was a money-making tool for human traffickers, but Not my daughter, I am happy to help the child out of the sea of ​​suffering, but the poor child has been completely ruined.

One year, when I was shopping on the street, I met a little girl with amputees smiling at me. I seemed to see her daughter from her. I tried to talk to her, but she just shook her head because her tongue was cut off. She said she was in Shandong when she was a child and asked me to save her... I ran to the police station to call the police, but when the police and I returned to the place where the child was begging, the child was gone. I blamed myself for crying .

Finally one year, I went to Guangxi to visit relatives. I saw a child with no eyeballs on the way, but his little mouth looked like my husband. I put 10 yuan into her begging bowl and asked her where she came from, she said. A lot of words that I don't understand, probably the dialect of a certain place, I was a little disappointed, and just about to leave, the child suddenly held me by the hand and refused to let me go. Reluctant to report to the police, something shocked my husband and I: After DNA matching, this child with no eyeballs turned out to be my daughter! It's really a mother and daughter connecting their hearts. They can't see me. They can find me in the vast crowd. This is probably also related to my frequent attention to children begging on the street.

However, retrieving the devastated daughter still made my husband and I couldn’t believe how clear and bright her original pair of eyes were, as if she could talk; she could sing what a beautiful song, but she told her parents to listen. I don’t understand the dialect; the results of the hospital examination made us almost fainted. Our daughter had broken hymen and contracted cervical cancer. Several organs were damaged to death...

I took my daughter home. Although my husband and I took care of me, my daughter left us forever. The daughter's life is only 10 years old, but she has gone through torture. I hope that all parents in the world must protect their children!

The editor suggests, please pay more attention to the children begging on the street, take a picture and put it on the Internet. Maybe they are kidnapped children. Their parents are looking for them. They originally had a naive childhood...

Your kindness may help them escape from the sea of ​​suffering, so that these suffering children no longer shed tears, and the mothers who have lost their children no longer watch alone at night.

Children are the hearts and minds of parents, but also the care of grandparents and grandparents. In their eyes, everything in this world should be beautiful.

However, right now, there are evil black hands reaching out to these cute, innocent children who need care. They are the traffickers who make a living by selling children.

It is these human traffickers who, in order to obtain rich economic benefits, have lost the basic humanity of being a human being, so that every young child has tasted the sufferings of the world from what should be a beautiful childhood. Some of them were sold to remote rural areas, and some lost their young lives due to illness during the trafficking.

What is even more horrible is that some of them were trafficked to professional beggar gangs, their legs and feet were artificially broken, they were doused with sulfuric acid, and they became dumb. They were forced to go to the streets to beg for money.

In the depths of their young hearts, there is no care that should have belonged to them, but only a million calls, where are you father, mother, grandpa, grandma.

However, according to Article XNUMX of China’s Criminal Law, these traffickers who hate people who can’t eat their flesh will only be sentenced to death if the circumstances are particularly serious. In other circumstances, they will be sentenced to more than five years and less than ten years. Fixed-term imprisonment and more than ten years or life imprisonment.

In order to make the crime of trafficking in children no longer dead and dead;

In order to let the families that were full of laughter and laughter no longer lose their voices;

In order to let parents who are new parents no longer suffer from the heartbreaking and bleeding pain of losing their children;

In order to prevent the elderly from crying all day long, hate Jiuquan and never look down;

In order for you and my child to never fall into that hell on earth.

Let us all join hands and call on the National People's Congress and the courts at all levels: the law should not shelter the dehumanized demon, please resolutely impose the death penalty on all the devil who sells children! Have comforted those innocent children. Don't ask for likes, just spread!

Article reprinted from Shuncheng Observation


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