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For European and American high school students, the prom is not only a perfect curtain call for their high school career, but also a night full of excitement, but the girls’ dads are in a hurry. Faced with the fact that their "little padded jacket" is about to be held by a little boy to go to the dance party, their mood is usually very complicated, which can be expressed as anxiety or even brutal...

I guess their inner OS should be:"You are dead if you dare to bully my daughter!"

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If the scared expressions of these two brothers are too superficial,

Then this one is really scared.


"Smile and soul, there is always one not in the body..."

"Forgot to tell you, my dad is a sheriff~"

"Everything is late..."

"Have you aimed at me?! Where is the trigger, don't you press it! (shaking)"


"Very well, I've already followed you..."


"...Keep your eyes on you, you better be careful!"

This group of daddies seems to have the ability to turn the prom covenant into an atmosphere like a punishment...

"Hmph, you will be dead if you don't send my daughter back before ten o'clock."

This guy doesn't seem to know that the danger is behind...

"Laugh as much as you want, and settle the account with you after taking the picture."


"Dad, be kinder~"


And girls may not understand, my father is not robbing, but love~~~

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