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Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe accepted an exclusive interview with Phoenix TV reporters at the Prime Minister's residence in Tokyo on Monday. Abe talked about his relationship with the Chinese President习近平At the summit meeting in China, Abe said that he and Xi Jinping have the same desire to develop Sino-Japanese relations, and he felt that Xi Jinping bears responsibility for 13 billion Chinese citizens. Abe also emphasized that Japan expects China to continue to develop as a responsible power in the future. Look at the latest report sent back by the reporter right away.

In an exclusive interview with Phoenix Satellite TV on Monday, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe mentioned the two summit talks he had held with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Abe said that the two have the same desire to develop China-Japan strategic and mutually beneficial relations. Abe also said that he is about the same age as Xi Jinping, and both of them bear responsibilities to the citizens of their own country. He feels that the leaders have become more and more open-minded and exchange views frankly.

Reporter: "What is your impression of President Xi Jinping? How do you hope to build a relationship between the leaders in the future?"

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe: "President Xi Jinping and I both hope to further develop relations between the two countries. This idea is the same. For the development of relations between the two countries, I am willing to continue to work hard. I believe most people will think that we will meet for the second time. We are more open-minded than the first time and we exchanged opinions frankly. We are of the same age, and I feel that he bears responsibility for China’s 13 billion people."

Abe: Japan looks forward to China's development

Abe told China-Japan exchanges that countries with a long history of exchanges like China and Japan are rare in the world. The number of Chinese tourists visiting Japan is currently increasing sharply. He hopes that more Chinese tourists will come to Japan. Abe also said that Japan looks forward to being a responsible regional country and China will continue to develop in the future.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe: "Japan and China have a very long history of friendly exchanges. A country with such a long history of friendly exchanges is rare in the world. From the perspective of trade, China is Japan's largest target country. I hope Chinese people Come to Japan more and get to know Japan directly. We hope that China, as a large and responsible country in the region, will continue to develop in the future."

Reporter: When talking about the Prime Minister's talk on the 70th anniversary of the postwar period, Abe mentioned that Japan will deeply reflect on the history of past wars and will also inherit the historical understanding of past cabinets.

Article reprinted from Phoenix TV


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