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In the past few days, the circle of friends of Melbourne's friends has almost been maxed out by the news of the "xxx Australia Shopping Conference".

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Everyone knows that Daigou, especially Australian Daigou, is really "hot" right now. The root cause of the fire is the complementary nature of Australian resources and the Chinese market! Australia plays a role in one of the best ecological countries in the world. Its food and health products are world-class, while China's long-term pursuit of pure GDP development has caused environmental pollution and lack of faith, which has led to the proliferation of fake and toxic foods. Countless small purchasing partners in Australia use their integrity and hard work to purchase various Australian products for their relatives and friends at home like bees. While earning hard money for themselves, they also bring health and hope to relatives and friends (here There are countless applause of thanks)!

The purchasing partners are very happy, but often helpless. In purchasing, Westerners’ common dissatisfaction and misunderstandings, holding currency but the shelves of best-selling products are often empty, and big-name goods manufacturers often restrict supply and purchase..., these often make friends sleepless. However, the reason why the friends wake up every day or are confident and ready for battle? That's because they know that their relatives and friends in their hometowns are looking forward to it, and hope that they will send them genuine products from faraway countries! Why do relatives and friends at home want to buy Australian products from the ocean? In addition to first-class products, they also buy trust and hope for future safety! Unfortunately, the daigou market has also begun to face a crisis of trust. Many people in the country see the popularity of Australia's big-name products, and half-truths come to "Made in Australia" and want to take a ride. Therefore, China-Australia united wall, purely made in China, packaged a "made in Australia" and wanted to make a lot of money. . . , What’s more interesting is that there was such a golden sentence at the purchasing meeting: “Australia products are almost the same, mainly depending on the intensity of promotion. Who is this bluffing? Who said that Australian products are almost the same, brand-name products and ordinary products are not a few blocks away!


The purchasing partners live in all corners of Australia. They hope to be united. They hope that an organization can truly represent their interests. For example, they have reasonably and legally contributed to the promotion of Australian products to China. They should not be scorned and misunderstood by a few Westerners, they should be respected! For example, the obvious discriminatory statements made by a few pharmacies should receive the attention of relevant parties and stop immediately! For example, can some big-name manufacturers’ out-of-stock problem communicate with related brands through the Daigou Conference and get some relief? For another example, in the purchasing process, the same important courier company’s freight safety issues and reasonable prices are issues. . . In addition, the issue of honesty construction of the purchasing agent group itself is related to the vital interests of the purchasing agent partners. If these issues are paid attention to and resolved to a certain extent, the purchasing agent conference will truly benefit the people.

Ideals are always full, and reality is always cruel. The house can also be purchased on behalf of others, and people who don’t know the source will be familiar with it. At least, from the promotional articles that can be seen so far, the purchasing conference has become a no-name product recommendation meeting. As a small purchase partner, I really want to call out loudly: Dear, stop similar promotion, if this continues, my goods will not be sold!

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