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It was shocking. . .

Just this morning, Rudd’s daughter, Jessica Rudd, announced on her Sina Weibo that she would open a Jessica's Suitcase overseas flagship store on Tmall Global to sell Australian souvenirs. Lu Jiexi said, “The items sold in the store are my favorite Australian treasures for me and my daughter. They are greetings and gifts we carefully prepared to bring to everyone.”


Since the daughter's purchasing shop, the father will naturally support it! Therefore, Mr. Rudd immediately forwarded his daughter's publicity Weibo:"I just saw my daughter also start to open a store on Taobao, selling Australian productsSouvenir, Good job! Old Lu! "


It is not enough for the former prime minister of Australia to advertise in person. . . Even Ma Yun came to cheer for her! !


One is the former prime minister of Australia and the other is the richest man in China. . . It's no wonder that many Chinese netizens call this store "Australia's highest-standard purchasing agent."

Well, this is really a world of daddy fight~~~ even the purchasing community is no exception! ! ! Is this trying to kill ordinary small purchasing agents? ?


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