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Ten-year visas one after another! Friends who often go abroad are happy from ear to ear! No, it is not enough to have zero tariffs. Australia has also sent Chinese tourists a ten-year sign gospel!


Such a surprise, the official news from Tourism Australia was "suppressing".

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On Wednesday evening, the Federal Minister of Trade and Investment Andrew Robb announced that as more than 2020 million Chinese people are expected to go abroad to perform in Australia and other countries before 2, Australia will introduce a 2-year validity period for Chinese citizens multiple times. Entry visa. In the year ended February this year, the number of Chinese tourists visiting Australia exceeded 87, an increase of 7400% compared to the previous year.

“Our research shows that a competitive visa is a big trump card for attracting Chinese tourists,” the outgoing Tourism Australia chairman Geoff Dixon told The Australian on Wednesday. “Trust me, we need Improve competitiveness. The 10-year multiple-entry visa will increase the number of Chinese tourists. A large number of Chinese tourists will come to Australia repeatedly. Obviously, some people have invested in Australia. This market has become so important if we If you don’t open your arms and welcome it, you will lose it."

Dixon will leave office on June 6. He admitted that Australia's 30 million yuan tourism industry is not yet ready for the influx of tourists from mainland China that started a few years ago.

"Everyone is shocked by the number of Chinese tourists," he said, "but we do have a lot of things Chinese people yearn for. They want a safe and reliable tourist destination, sea views, good food, and hospitable people. . And we happen to meet the conditions, as if we had planned it in advance."

From then on, it has been much more convenient for domestic friends to come to Australia. Watching kangaroos holding koalas, isn’t that just a matter of leaving?

News compiled from "The Australian"


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