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In order to reduce the cost of living, many international students try to reduce the rent of their residences, which has caused many unscrupulous landlords to focus on this vulnerable group. On the 21st, the Times exposed a large number of high-rise towers in Melbourne that squeezed international students. It seems that it has become a new trend for international students to illegally board and live in tower apartments. Fairfax Media has determined that there are at least 25 residences. The building is suspected of illegally renting out the apartment, allowing multiple tenants to live in one room.

29 Market Street

Cheaper rents in crowded housing? The landlord earns twice as much in a year

This is the case in the Docklands wharf area. Six girls are crowded into a one-bedroom apartment. Four of them live in the bedroom and two sleep in the living room. The rent per person is as high as $6 per week. This also means that the landlord earns up to 4 yuan in rent every year by illegally renting out houses, which is nearly double the 2 yuan that is due to normal rental of apartments in the area. Russell Plaza Tower also has three people renting a room, and the rent per person per week is still as high as $140.

410 Elizabeth Street 2 410 Elizabeth Street 1

Melbourne apartment bedroom corner price: $154/week (Source: Locanto)

When asked about renting, many landlords said that it is their "living culture" for Asians to live in the same room.

Fairfax Media found from an advertisement on a public online classified website that there is such a house for rent in the Gumtree area. A property that has not been registered for rent has been rented to more than 3 tenants, but it is still in the apartment. Seven people can live in. The media also contacted a landlord at 7 William Street. The other party provided beds with a weekly rent of only $350. However, there will be six people sharing an apartment, and the property has not been registered for rent. Rental advertisements for the same property are often left in the names of different renters, but they have the same mobile phone number.

565 Flinders Street 1 without arrows 565 Flinders Street 2 no arrows

Flinders Street Apartment Double Bed Price: $125/week (Source: Gumtree)

It is difficult for the government to find out if overseas people organize such rental

This type of crowding and renting is not only illegal, but also has serious fire hazards. A fire broke out in a high-rise residential building in Docklands recently. The fire department later discovered that it was the piles of personal belongings that accelerated the spread of the fire. Although the building cleared such crowded tenants after the fire broke out, the rented overseas students and overseas laborers were severely "knocked off" by the landlord.

Authorities believe that many unregistered rental houses in Melbourne belong to overseas organizations, and such illegal crowded rentals are often rented through websites in other languages, so it is difficult for the government to detect criminals. Even paying tenants often don't know where the rent is going. They are often asked to put the money in the mailbox or hand it over to the maintenance staff. A notice was even posted behind the door of the apartment asking tenants not to talk to the inspector.

Although the Victorian Parliament believes that such illegal landlords should be cracked down, the Melbourne City Council believes that this matter is subject to legal restrictions. It is difficult to enter the crowded apartment without an arrest warrant, and it is difficult to collect enough without entering the apartment. Evidence to obtain a search warrant.

International student groups said that due to the high housing rents in Australia, many international students have no choice but to live in such slum-like rental housing. The Chairman of the International Student Council of Australia, Thomson Ch'ng, said that such things will affect Australian education. ’S reputation poses a risk.

In addition, other users who are crowded into rented houses are also quite dissatisfied. They often spend longer waiting for the elevator and assume a higher security risk.

Bourke Street 2

Price for a bunk bed in Melbourne City apartment: $110/week (Source: Gumtree)


280 Little Lonsdale Street b 1 without arrows

Bed price: $120/week, 5 people in the whole apartment (Source: Gumtree)

News compiled from "Times"


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