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The Australian government has been committed to attracting more overseas skilled workers to Australia to contribute to corporate production, technological development and social progress. Therefore, the 457 work visa is a visa category with a larger quota allocated by the Immigration Bureau every year. The government aims to find more advanced talents through the 457 work visa program to make up for the labor shortage in Australia. But yesterday, the Australian Times, The Age reported through an investigation: Now some international drug cartels or organized criminal groups abuse the loopholes in the 457 work visa, recruiting 457 visa workers to sell drugs for money, and realize the illegal activities of criminals, which has a bad impact on Australian society. Once the illegal activity was approved by the media, it caused great repercussions in Australian society, and the people asked the government to crack down on related criminal activities.

Bruno Hajko, an Italian citizen, was allowed to enter and reside in Australia with a 457 visa. However, his family is closely related to a criminal group in Eastern Europe that is under investigation by the Australian Crime Control Commission (ACC) and the Australian Federal Police (AFP) .

Law enforcement agencies expressed concern that Hajjko could enter Australia without review or surveillance by the Immigration Bureau. The Department of Immigration admitted that since the launch of the controversial visa program in 1996, tens of thousands of foreign workers entering Australia each year do not need to undergo mandatory background and criminal history checks.

In addition, although the Department of Immigration has invested billions in border protection, it has done nothing to investigate the connections between 457 visa applicants and Australian family members involved in serious organized crime groups. Hadek was charged last year for his involvement in a smuggling case involving methamphetamine and cocaine, which was funded by a family-style criminal group and involved 2000 million yuan. The 22-year-old man was subsequently charged with two counts of rape and one charge of sexual assault. The victim of sexual assault was a woman near the family’s nightclub in the CBD area.

The family group is located in Melbourne and reportedly has extensive cooperation relationships with criminal groups in Europe, China and the United States. Hajjko has been living with his relatives during his stay in Melbourne, and his relative is currently wanted for joining another drug smuggling group under the family group. It is said that the authorities arrested him at an airport in Tullamarine after a raid in September last year.

It is reported that Hajjko obtained a 2012 visa through the sponsorship of a cafe in South Yarra in 457. Although law enforcement agencies have requested from overseas, they have not yet been able to determine whether Hadek has a criminal record in Italy or elsewhere.

In accordance with the government’s long-term policy, the Ministry of Immigration does not require mandatory personality tests and criminal background checks for 457 visa holders. Reasons for refusal or cancellation of a 457 visa include involvement in or joining a suspected criminal group or criminal motives while in Australia.

In the nine months ending in March, the Ministry of Immigration has issued approximately 3 9 visas. At present, there are about 38,130 domestic holders of this type of visa. In the past five months, there were 457 cases where 106,750 visas were revoked due to substandard personality tests. But immigration experts claim that the Liberal government has always wanted to deregulate and “simplify” the 5 visa program, and these measures have been greatly favored by business employers.

As far as the editor knows, starting from July this year, the Immigration Bureau's requirements for 457 visa applicants have been reduced overall. One of the benefits is the reduction in the applicant's IELTS score requirements. The benefits of this policy also indicate that the government plans to pass the visa Provide more talents for Australia. But now there are criminal groups taking advantage of this visa to make money, which is by no means tolerated by the Australian government. The editor believes that 457 holders hold high salaries in Australia, but are not satisfied with the benefits that the government brings to them, and go through the sidelines with criminal groups. This is completely contrary to the government's hopes.

The number of Chinese citizens who have immigrated to Australia through 457 visas is increasing year by year, because this visa can bring many benefits to applicants. According to the editor, applicants enjoy all government-regulated vacations, pension insurance, and overtime wages. The spouse of a Chinese applicant can work full-time in Australia. Full-time work means that the applicant's spouse also enjoys a statutory salary and a series of pension insurance work benefits. The applicant's children under 18 can receive public primary and secondary education for free. The editor has to say that everyone knows how difficult it is for Chinese students to apply for Australian public high schools. Because of the increasing number of international students, many good public schools no longer accept applications from overseas students. Therefore, the children of 457 applicants can enjoy 12 years of free teaching in this situation, which adds to the children’s education.

Article reprinted from Weixin News-Australia


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