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You read that right, this is really a "little" baby just born! A mother in Australia gave birth to a "giant baby" in 4 days. The weight of this "giant baby" turned out to be as high as 40 pounds (about 18.16 kg). His birth caused many medical staff to exclaim repeatedly because his weight was equal to The weight of a 6-year-old child, and he also broke the world record for the heaviest baby in 1839.

According to the World News Daily Report, the giant baby was born at the King Edward Memorial Hospital in Australia. His birth weight was as high as 40 pounds (about 18.16 kg), but his weight was so amazing, it was actually related to his mother, because his mother weighed 600 pounds (about 272 kg); fortunately 2 people were healthy after delivery The condition is good and there is no complications. 20150605103825_63461

The medical staff who delivered the baby after the incident said, “I originally thought there should be 2 or even 3 children, but I didn’t expect it to be a big one.” The medical staff said that although he had delivered a “heavyweight” pregnant woman , But never seen such a huge baby.

The giant baby also broke the weight record of a baby born in South Africa in 1839, when the giant baby's weight was 38 pounds (about 17.2 kg).

News compiled from "World Daily News Network"


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