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Regarding the quality of domestic infant milk powder, it is no longer a new issue. Numerous mothers and fathers have traveled across the ocean to buy foreign brands, which has made China's milk powder industry ashamed. Sadly, foreign media recently reported that domestic goat milk powder had failed 7 times. The editor is only depressed-

Xinhua News Agency’s "Reference News" report on the 27th | German media said that China’s State Food and Drug Administration issued an announcement on the 23rd that 2015 batches of infant formula were found during the special supervision and sampling inspection of the second phase of infant formula milk powder in 7 Goat milk powder is unqualified, involvingShaanxi Guanshan Dairy, Xi'an Guanshan Dairy and Shaanxi Shengtang Qinlong Dairy Co., Ltd.Waiting for 3 companies.

According to the announcement of the State Food and Drug Administration on the website of Deutsche Welle on June 6In response to the unqualified products found in random inspections, the State Administration immediately instructed the Shaanxi Food and Drug Administration to investigate and deal with them, order the enterprises to stop production and sales, recall unqualified products, and severely penalize them in accordance with the law.

According to the report, the Food and Drug Administration also stated that of the 5 batches produced by Shaanxi Feihe Guanshan Dairy Co., Ltd., 2 batches were unqualified because of excessive nitrate, and the remaining 3 batches were unqualified because of insufficient selenium content. Up to standard. One batch of products from Xi'an Feihe Guanshan Dairy Co., Ltd. was found to have selenium content that did not meet the national food safety standards; one batch of products from Shaanxi Shengtang Qinlong Dairy Co., Ltd. was found to have selenium content that did not meet the national food safety standards, copper content, and folic acid content And the content of vitamin C does not meet the stated value on the product label.

According to the State Administration of Food and Drug Administration, nitrate itself is harmless or less toxic to humans, but ingested nitrate can be reduced to nitrite under the action of bacteria, which is more toxic; in addition, selenium is the national standard for infant formula milk powder The nutrient elements that need to be added are specified in

According to reports, Shaanxi Feihe Guanshan Dairy Co., Ltd. has issued an announcement to recall substandard products and suspend production as required for rectification. Chinese state media reported that “Feihe Dairy, which has always shown its image as a '50 years of zero accidents', has been on the blacklist of the State Food and Drug Administration twice in 2015. Just in May, Jilin Feihe Abbey Dairy Co., Ltd. The company's samples detected chlorine and other nutrient indicators that did not match the content indicated on the label.

According to reports, milk powder has always been a sensitive topic of food safety in China after the "melamine incident" in 2008. Unqualified milk powder usually arouses onlookers, and this time is no exception. Most netizens sternly condemned the merchants for “the evil act of making money with conscience”, and some netizens sighed helplessly: “Nowadays, everything is sold and everything can be bought, but only Duxinxin products are becoming increasingly scarce."

Netizens "Qiuqiu's World Blog" said many of the voices of parents who bought foreign milk powder: "This is the reason why we are hoping to buy foreign milk powder."

According to the report, there are still a small number of netizens who have not yet lost confidence in state-owned enterprises. For example, “Quotations from Fainting People” wrote: “After all, they are large companies and they are responsible. They have all recalled and admitted, but it is miserable enough. I bought a company, otherwise I would smash my own brand."

What the netizen is referring to is that Feihe Dairy announced in February 2014 that it would acquire 2% of Guanshan Dairy's shares in the form of company holdings.

China’s State Food and Drug Administration announced this week that three Shaanxi dairy companies’ infant formula milk powder was found to be unqualified. This time it involves goat milk powder that went viral after the 2008 tainted milk powder incident. Many netizens expressed their firm determination to buy imported milk powder.

Details are as follows:

5. Shaanxi Feihe Guanshan Dairy Co., Ltd. has XNUMX batches of unqualified products, including:



(三)2015年1月25日生产的“关山”牌800g/罐“关山能力100金装婴儿配方羊奶粉(1段)”硒含量不符合食品安全国家标准,检出值为0.26μg/100kJ (标准值为0.48~1.90μg/100 kJ);

(四) 2015年4月7日生产的“关山”牌800g/罐“关山膳儿优金装婴儿配方羊奶粉(1段)”硒含量不符合食品安全国家标准,检出值为0.29μg/100kJ (标准值为0.48~1.90μg/100kJ);

(五)2015年3月7日生产的“关山”牌800g/罐“关山善爱金装婴儿配方羊奶粉(1段)”硒含量不符合食品安全国家标准,检出值为0.30μg/100kJ (标准值为0.48~1.90μg/100 kJ)。

二、西安飞鹤关山乳业有限公司2015年4月7日生产的“小帅羊”牌400g/盒“小帅羊帅智婴儿配方羊奶粉(1段)”硒含量不符合食品安全国家标准,检出值为0.42μg/100kJ (标准值为0.48~1.90μg/100 kJ)。

三、 陕西圣唐秦龙乳业有限公司2015年2月3日生产的“恩能加”牌800g/罐“较大婴儿配方羊奶粉(2段)”硒含量不符合食品安全国家标准,检出值为 0.40μg/100kJ (标准值为0.48~1.90μg/100 kJ),铜含量不符合产品标签明示值,检出值为16μg/100kJ(明示值为24μg/100kJ),叶酸含量不符合产品标签明示值,检出值为 2.5μg/100kJ(明示值为4μg/100kJ),维生素C含量不符合产品标签明示值,检出值为1.8mg/100kJ(明示值为2.9mg /100kJ)。

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