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A woman who hasn't gone to school for a day, a woman who can't even write her own name, started from nothing through her hard work. Tao Huabi, 67 years old this year, started his business in 80 and created the myth of Chinese people.

what! So familiar. I said you don't know Tao Huabi, I said you must have eaten Lao Ganma. This is the legendary woman who made all Chinese people addicted: Lao Ganma Tao Huabi!

Tao Bihua, a woman who can't even write her own name. In 1989, he started from a street stall, and after hardships, he became the head of China's largest chili sauce company. He had no background and started from the standard grassroots.

Lao Ganma’s previous car is expensive AA6666, and the four consecutive number is a government award. Lao Ganma Tao Huabi paid 3 billion in taxes in three years, with an output value of 18 billion, which directly and indirectly drove 68 million farmers to get rich.

Expensive AA8888 is also rewarded. A bottle of 8 yuan, 130 million bottles are sold every day, 1.3 tons of peppers and 1.7 tons of soybeans are used a year, and 800 million people are employed. Haven't read a book, can't write your name, is it worthy of respect? It's definitely not too much to buy a BMW or Mercedes, so I changed the car later. The picture above is Lao Ganma's BMW 745li.

Entrepreneurship is difficult. It is more difficult for a woman who can't write and has no background? Do you still remember Lao Ganma's famous saying: I am determined not to go public, it is a lie to other people's money.

Laoganma has no ads, and the gold cup and silver cup are not as good as word of mouth. I miss the old godmother even more than nine years. There are peanut kernels in it. It was the best at that time. Now there are no peanuts.

I heard that eating ice cream like this is very enjoyable! Have you tried?

Anyone who has eaten Lao Ganma knows that there is a lot of oil in it. Many passengers were stopped by airport security for carrying multiple bottles of Lao Gan Ma. Lao Gan Ma has too much oil and juice, which has exceeded the restrictions on domestic civil aviation passengers to carry liquids. Therefore, Lao Gan Ma can only pack it for consignment.

Wherever there are Chinese in the world, there are old godmothers in the kitchen, the goddess of the globe...

The foreign buddies said that even if you don’t understand a foreign language, you just need to tell the clerk that you want to buy the hot sauce with the picture of the old lady on the bottle and he will know what you want to buy.

I have no big pursuits in my life, the only pursuit is to eat Lao Gan Ma for every meal. Why am I not Tao Bihua's daughter! I! it is good! Do not! sweet! heart!

Lao Ganma's Rolls Royce Ghost, not yet on the card, 500 million. For a person who can't even write his own name, who sells chili sauce all over the world, is there any product in China that can be sold in major supermarkets around the world?

Changing from a BMW 745li to a Rolls-Royce Gust, not to mention Gust, it is not too much to buy an airplane.

At the Fifth Session of the Eleventh National People's Congress, Lao Ganma took a photo, an illiterate grassroots woman, Lao Ganma, worthy of respect!


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