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Joanne, a Melbourne woman, encountered something very upsetting. Since a friend of hers needed to take care of her son who was suffering from cancer who was in hospital at the time, she helped this friend to take her daughter to school, but she accidentally parked the car in a car-free zone outside the school and ended up eating Got a ticket.

"Herald Sun" learned on the 29th that this incident happened in February this year. Joanne revealed that she was not familiar with the school, and at the time she did not see a no parking sign nearby. Therefore, she believes that this fine of up to 2 Australian dollars is unfair to her.

So she asked the local council to "show some sympathy" and reconsider the matter. However, she only got a cold reply, telling her that if she did not pay the fine, she would be sued to court. This result made Joanne extremely chilling. She said that since she started driving at the age of 18, she had only eaten a ticket once. Therefore, she believes that the act of the Council is unreasonable. The Council should first issue warnings to drivers with innocent driving records, and then fines them.

News compiled from "The Herald Sun"


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