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Grape seed, as a multi-effect health care product, has irreplaceable skin care and health care effects; it can not only remove free radicals, anti-aging, and strengthen immunity, but also prevent and protect human organs and tissues, and prevent heart disease, cancer, More than 100 diseases caused by free radicals, such as premature aging, diabetes, and arteriosclerosis. Long-term use of grape seeds for middle-aged and elderly people can effectively reduce blood pressure and blood lipids; improve immunity, strengthen physical fitness, and reduce a series of illnesses caused by decreased immunity. So how to eat grape seed capsules best?

Best time to take:

Generally speaking, grape seed should not be taken before going to bed, because grape seed itself has a certain refreshing effect, and taking it before going to bed may affect sleep. If it is taken to protect the heart and activate blood vessels, you can choose to consume it after dinner, so that the absorption will be better. In addition, grape seed is best taken on an empty stomach. People with poor gastrointestinal function can choose to take it after breakfast.

Health care products are generally taken half an hour after a meal, or taken with a meal. It should be noted that do not take it with hot water to avoid affecting the effect.


Grape seed has the effect of protecting collagen. It can effectively improve skin elasticity and luster to achieve whitening, moisturizing and freckle removal; reducing wrinkles, keeping skin soft and smooth; removing acne and healing scars. Therefore, beauty and skin care simply supplement collagen is far from enough; in addition to the body's natural body factors, environmental pollution, industrial production waste gas, and free radicals in the air can directly attack human skin and destroy collagen.

Reminder: Since glucose can combine with protein to prevent protein oxidation; if you take the two together, it will not only hinder the absorption of protein, but also affect the efficacy of grape seeds, so it is recommended that you take them separately. You can take grape seed capsules in the morning first, and take collagen two or three hours apart. When taking collagen, you don't need to take a lot of vitamin E, because grape seeds already contain rich vitamin E.



Grape seed is known as "oral cosmetics". It is 20 times the content of vitamin C and 60 times the content of vitamin E. It has high antioxidant properties. Taking grape seed and vitamin E and vitamin C together can promote the combination of nutrients and mutual Function to increase the oxidation resistance of free radicals.

Reminder: Grape seed itself is very rich in vitamins, so when pairing with vitamin E and vitamin C, you must control the amount to avoid excessive vitamin supplementation, which will affect your health.

What are the food taboos:

1. Those who are using drugs, herbal medicines, antioxidants or other health products should not eat grape seed extract;

2. Those who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant and breastfeeding women should not eat grape seed extract;

3. In addition, since previous studies on grape seed products did not involve children, children should try to avoid eating grape seed extract;

4. Those with bleeding tendency or those with blood coagulation disorders should not eat grape seed extract;

5. Those who are allergic to certain foods or animals and plants should not eat grape seed extract.

The consumption of grape seeds requires special attention to the population, such as pregnant women or children, it is best not to consume substances or products containing grape seeds; in addition, people with bleeding tendency or people with coagulation dysfunction, it is best not to consume them Grape seed extract products.

Article reproduced from Melbourne Colorful Beauty


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