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According to the Times, it is estimated that the city of Melbourne lost 660 million U.S. dollars as the driver slipped away after filling up the gas.To prevent such incidents from happening again, Melbourne drivers may be forced to pay for gasoline in advance.

According to 3AW TV, senior Greensborough Highway Police Officer Peter Koger stated that prepayment is the best solution to the problem of gasoline theft.In response, Brian Negus, general manager of public policy for the Royal Victoria Automobile Association, said that the problem of "fuel escapers" has been going on for some time.

Recently, in Banyule and Nillumbik areas, there have been more and more car license plate thefts, and it seems that it is time to act.The manager said that “fuel escapers” often hang stolen license plates on their cars to avoid closed-circuit television surveillance at gas stations.

The police said that a year and a half ago, these "fuel escapers" had already committed crimes, and we should have thought of a solution long ago.

Earlier, the Royal Victorian Automobile Association considered a variety of solutions, including prepayment of gasoline and installation of one-way screws to increase the difficulty of license plate theft.The automobile industry and drivers expressed concern about this method, and they believe that this may cause excessive consumption and incidental sales.

However, Mr. Negus said that to solve the problem of “fuel escapers”, prepayment of gasoline fees is a feasible method, which can reduce the occurrence of gasoline theft.

The Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce stated that if Victoria enacts relevant regulations and allows all gas stations to implement this method, then prepayment of gasoline fees will have a certain effect.Geoff Gwilym, executive director of the chamber of commerce, said that in order to achieve results, the automotive industry and gas stations should do the same.However, to implement this approach, it is necessary to replace the fuel truck.Moreover, General Manager Negus said, “Implementing this approach is not a simple matter, and we need to listen to the opinions of the people.”

News compiled from "Times"


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