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The thing is like this, the Australian boy Cooper and his girlfriend Amy have been together for six or seven years. This year, Cooper decided to propose to her.


He wanted to give her an unforgettable marriage proposal in the cinema.

To propose, Cooper wrote a song and called all their friends to help him finish it.

On the day of the proposal, Cooper took Amy to the cinema, and then found an excuse to sneak out.

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Suddenly, the video they had taken in advance started playing on the big screen. The plot is that Cooper ran to Amy's father and asked him Can i have your daughter for the rest of my life (Can I take care of your daughter for the rest of my life)?

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At the end of the film, Cooper in a suit ran to Amy with flowers.


At this time, Cooper, who had changed his suit in the movie theater, also took flowers and walked to the already stunned Amy.

Such dedication and enthusiasm is really great. As my friend Cooper said, Love takes time, I hope all good girls will wait for the right person.

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Finally, I attach a marriage proposal song, if you like it.

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