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Starting from July 7, Victorian drivers holding overseas driving licenses and drivers driving without a licenseWill be included in the deduction system. State government's move will block Victorian driver's license deduction systemLoopholes to improve road safety.

According to the adjustment, the deduction and penalty system will apply to overseas driving license holders and unlicensedDriving driver. Starting from July 2015, 7, the cumulative deduction has reached the suspension of drivingLicensed overseas driver’s license holders and unlicensed drivers will receive a ban on drivingNotice of the road. Another change is that VicRoads will be entitled toDrivers with a foreign driver’s license undergo a medical examination to assess whether their health is suitable for driving.

Except for disqualification of overseas driver’s license holders and unlicensed drivers, VicRoads also has the right to deprive offenders of obtaining a Victorian driver’s license or student’s licensethat power. The government hopes to rectify the habitual violations caused by loopholes in laws and regulations, and encourageThe driver obeyed the traffic rules. Court appeal process related to traffic violations will also be tightened, To reduce the use of legal means by drivers to delay punishment. According to the new regulations,Regulation drivers will need to submit a special application to the court in order to suspend deductions or cancel the driver’s license. For more information, please visit www.vicroads.vic.gov.au.


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